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How To Reroll In Tower Of Fantasy


If you have played other gatcha games then you know that rerolling can give you an edge in the early parts of the game. This ensures that you have strong characters from the start. In this Tower of Fantasy guide, we are going to go over how you can reroll.

Tower Of Fantasy Reroll Guide

Create an account in order to get started and progress through the game till you get to the mission titled Ecological Station Intruders. Once you have defeated the enemies you can talk to the scalper and unlock your summons. As part of the pre-registration rewards, you get 5 Black Nucleus and 20 Gold Nucleus. These are enough to get 5x pulls on the Prosperity of Ida banner and 20x pulls on the Weapons Galore banner. Use all your summons to try and get the rewards that you are looking for.

If you do not get the character or weapon that you want then you will need to start over using a different email address. Getting to the Ecological Station Intruders does take around 20-25 minutes so rerolling in Tower of Fantasy does take time.

It is also worth mentioning that you need an additional email ID to reroll each time. You can use salted emails, for example, email+1@gmail and email+2@yahoo and you will receive mail in your original ID but devs have banned players for using this exploit in the past. So be warned. If you have a secondary email ID then you can reroll at least once.

Global players will get an SSR weapon so you will get something good even if you decide not to reroll. The pitty system in the game is also generous compared to other gatcha games. So you should be fine in the long run.

Which Characters You Should Reroll For

Meryl, KING, and Crow are great DPS units that can help you out in the early game. So we recommend rerolling for these characters if you do not get them. Getting any one of these units should make things a lot easier for you. Tsubasa and Samir are great ranged units.

This is how you can reroll in Tower of Fantasy and which units you should reroll for.

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