Warlord’s Set is a new armor set added to Remnant: From the Ashes with the release of Subject 2923 DLC. Once equipped, the armor set changes the Dragon Heart to provide increased damage and lifesteal. To unlock the armor set, you’ll need to run a small errand for Sebum. In this Remnant: From the Ashes guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about unlocking the Warlord’s Armor Set in Subject 2923 DLC.

Unlock Warlord’s Set in Remnant: From the Ashes Subject 2923

The armor skill on Warlord’s Armor Set is called Deathwish which increases your damage, provides lifesteal, and drains 200% HP for 30 seconds after using a Dragon Heart. The effects continue to improve as you done more armor pieces.

  • Skill Level 1 = +10% damage, +1% lifesteal
  • Skill Level 2 = +25% damage, +2% lifesteal
  • Skill Level 3 = +40% damage, +3.5% lifesteal

How to Unlock Warlord’s Set?

To unlock the armor set, you’ll need to bring Master’s Tusk to Sebum in Reisum. Finding the Master’s Tusk requires you to find and kill a Packmaster. These are yeti-like creatures who can be found randomly in the open. Simply slay the one you see and you’ll find the Master’s Tusk that you’ll need to bring to Sebum inside a boat in The Frieran Sea at Reisum.

However, this is where things get interesting. If you simply go to Sebum and provide him with the Master’s Tusk, he’ll pay you 2,000 Scrap. To unlock the Warlord’s Set, you first need to head over to the boat’s bow and look through a hole while standing on the scaffolding to see the armor – you can do this before killing a Packmaster.

Having seen the armor before providing Sebum with the tusk will let you barter for Warlord’s Armor Set instead of measly sum of 2,000 scrap. After seeing the armor set through the hole, return to Sebum and tell him that you want the armor set below the deck for trading in the Master’s Tusk.

If you’re interested in unlocking the Scavenger’s Set, we’ve got a separate guide for that as well!

And this is how you can unlock Warlord’s Armor Set in Subject 2923 DLC for Remnant. For more help on the game, you can check out our detailed Remnant: From the Ashes wiki guides.

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