Remnant: From the Ashes Secret Item Locations Guide – Secret Weapons, Armor

remnant from the ashes secret items

Secret gear in Remnant: From the Ashes will prove to be quite powerful and useful when it comes to boss fights. These will help you progress through the game a lot faster and efficiently, so you must scour areas for these hidden items. We’ve made that easy for you by describing set zones for such items in Remnant: From the Ashes. This Remnant: From the Ashes Secret Item Locations Guide will tell you where all the secret weapons and gear are.

Remnant: From the Ashes Secret Item Locations

Before we list all the items and their corresponding locations in the table, it’s useful to know that you might not find an item EXACTLY at the spot described below. This is because most of the areas are procedurally generated for players so the location of the items might be some blocks apart. However, they’re most likely to be in the same region so you won’t have to meander off too far away from the described zone.

Spawning of the secret items is also a bit different for different players, so make sure to be in a party of the player who for sure has obtained the secret item in their version of the game.

Item Location
Magnum Revolver- firearm Find a Strange Coin and bring it to Ace in Ward 13, you’ll also be rewarded with 300 Scrap.

The Strange Coin can be found near the end of the first dungeon dropped next to a corpse.

Alternatively, you can find it in the dungeon between Westside and Artery.

Pocket Watch- amulet A rare item, it will regenerate stamina and reduce the consumption rate.

Speak with the NPC Mud Tooth in the crashed helicopter till the end of the dialogue options. This is after you’ve completed the first dungeon.

Twisted Mask- helmet Head to the Junk Town on Earth and start a fight with the Mad Merchant by choosing the dialogue options that end in “That mask is doing something to you”.

Kill the Mad Merchant to acquire the item.

Bark Skin- trait

Twisted Idol- amulet

Make your way to the Wailing Tree in the Wailing Wood zone.

First, wear a Twisted Mask and speak with the Wailing Tree for Bark Skin trait.

Then kill the tree, the pistol should be enough. This will reward you with the Twisted Idol amulet.


Sniper rifle- firearm Head to the basement of the Church and look for some wooden pellets.

Breakthrough them to get the glowing purple Sniper rifle.


Drifter’s Armor set Navigate to the room with the monster corpse chained to a wall, In the Founder’s Hideout. Look for the cabinet to the right and breakthrough it to reveal the passage where The Drifter’s Armor is located.


Submachine gun- firearm First, unlock the door of Ward 13 B2 area with Ward 13 Keycard. Now head down the hallway to a room on the left and loot the Fuse.

Now make your way to B3 area and activate the electrical power by placing the Fuse in the switch in the wall.

Open the doors to the other area and turn the power back off to move through the huge Vent and land in a hidden room.

Collect the Inside Ward 13 Master Key and move to B2 area where you previously found the Fuse. Here, follow the red lights to reach the Ward 13 Master room where the SMG is located.

Elder Knowledge- trait Near the previous item’s location, find the trait in Ward 13 B2 area on the work desk in the second room to the left.
Ezland’s Band- ring Head to the Monolith Area on Rhom. Head to the house with the corpse inside it. Find the item right next to the dead body.
Ring of Evasion- ring Found near the end of the apartments zone or Subway, on planet Earth.
Void Armor set Solve the riddle at the Monolith checkpoint in Rhom. This will lead to a hidden area where you can craft the armor set at the shrine.
Osseous Armor set Head to the Wasteland Merchant area on Rhom and speak with the NPC with the Eye cloth on his face.

Choose the dialogue options ending in “Tell me a secret”. Pay the price and browse the catalog to purchase the Osseous armor set.

Spitfire Dragon flame Gun- firearm First, acquire the Blazing Heart defeating Singe without cutting down its tail.

Now use this resource to craft the Spitfire gun at the vendor’s location in Ward 13.

Smolder Sword- melee weapon Defeat the Singe and cut off its tail to acquire the Dragon Links resource.

Now use it to craft the Smolder Sword at the vendor’s place in Ward 13..

Wastelander Flail- melee weapon Head to one of the dungeons in Rhom, where you’ll be cursed with a draining health bar. Kill enemies to regenerate health and complete the dungeon.

This will let you enter the room containing the Wastelander Flail.

Heartseeker Ring- ring Found in the late Metro zone on planet Earth. The ring boosts damage dealt to unaware enemies.
Bandit Armor set Offer the Pocket Watch to the Bandit boss, Brabus in the Earth Dungeon.
Beam Rifle- firearm Found in a dungeon in the desert region of Rhom. The rifle shoots powerful a radiation beam at enemies.
Akari Armor set Complete as many dungeons in Rhom as you can to collect a glowing rod. Insert this rod-like key into the vaults located in some dungeons.

Each vault will award you with an Akari armor piece. Collect all by inserting various glowing keys.

Scavenger- trait Collect a Tarnished Ring from a dungeon on Earth. Hand it over to the vendor, Reggie in Ward 13 who will award you with 100 scraps as well as the Scavenger trait.
Root Circlet- ring

Braided Thorns- ring


Complete a dungeon on Earth and then speak with the Root worshipper NPC in the sewers region of Marrow Pass to collect the item as the reward.

Now destroy the three hearts in the nearby dungeon in Marrow Pass to agitate the NPC. Kill him to acquire the Braided Thorns.

Hunter’s Pistol- firearm Complete the dungeons on Earth till you find a dying human female NPC. Speak with her to acquire the Hunter’s Hideout Key.

Use the key to unlock doors at the end of the dungeon to obtain the Hunter Pistol.

Twisted Armor set

Elder Armor set

Come across a giant crate overtaken by root on Earth.

Complete “survive the metamorphosis” to collect the Twisted Armor set which grants health regeneration.

Complete a similar challenge in Yaesha to acquire Elder Armor set which grants stamina regeneration.

Radiant Armor set Kill The Warden boss and then speak with an NPC in Yaesha.

Choose the “pay scrap for a secret” dialogue option and continue the conversation to unlock and purchase the armor set from his catalog.

Petrified Maul- melee weapon

Sporebloom shotgun- firearm

Shoot off the legs of The Ent boss enemy on Earth. A shotgun will be useful for this task.

Kill him to get the Petrified Maul weapon.

If you choose to kill The Ent without breaking the legs of The Ent, you acquire the Sporebloom shotgun.

You can get both by doing solo first with breaking legs and then joining a co-op session of your friend to kill The Ent without breaking legs.

Leto’s Amulet In the very first dungeon, look for the wall carrying the message “only the penitent men may pass”. Crouch and move to the wall to pass under and collect Leto’s Amulet.
Ruin Rifle- firearm In the Undying Court, refuse to hand over the Heart of the Beast to the Undying King.

Fight and kill the Undying King to gather the Undying Heart.

Use the resource at the vendor in Ward 13 to craft the Ruin Rifle

Particle Accelerator- firearm Kill the Claviger when he’s not using the Radius Beam skill. This will grant you the Void Silver which you can use to craft The Particle Accelerator at the vendor in Ward 13.

The weapon allows you to summon a black hole to suck enemies into oblivion.

Crossbow Armor set

Slayer Armor set

First, kill a couple of Ixillis XV bosses to gather the Guardian’s Heart.

Now move to The Elf Queen checkpoint and offer her the Guardian’s Heart. As a reward, she’ll grant you the Crossbow & Slayer Armor sets.

These are all the secret item locations that we know of in Remnant: From the Ashes. If you need more help with Remnant: From the Ashes check out our Weapons mods, Armor and Armor sets, and Bosses guide.

This marks the end of our Remnant: From the Ashes Secret Item locations guide.