Similar to Dark Souls games, Remnant From the Ashes features a variety of rings that provide the wearer with different effects. These said effects range from increasing damage to bolstering defense, removing status ailments, and more. At any given time, you can’t equip more than 2 different rings. Moreover, you need to be wearing them at all times to gain the benefits provided by these rings.


Remnant: From the Base Game Ashes Rings

As for acquiring these rings in Remnant From the Ashes, there are multiple ways of doing so. You can find rings as boss drops, hidden in the open world, purchase them from merchants, and even craft them. In this Rings Guide, we’ve detailed all the rings, their locations, and the effects that they provide you with.

Updated on July 20, 2023: Our Remnant from the Ashes Rings guide has now been updated prior to the release of Remnant 2. The guide now features more ring locations, how to get and find them all, and ring effects you can expect in Remnant From the Ashes. The content now has more clarity and up to date information about rings in the base game as well as DLCs.

Base Game Rings

Stone Of BalanceYou gain +10% increased melee/ranged damage.Random drop on Yaesha.
Aggressor’s BaneReduces damage taken by 15%, but raises enemy aggression and expands their awareness range by 200%.Random drop on Earth.
Akari War BandPerfect dodging enemy attacks boosts Critical Chance by 15% and Critical Damage by 15% for a duration of 20 seconds.Defeat The Harrow or Claviger on Hardcore difficulty.
SagestoneThe amount of XP you earn is increased by +15%.Random drop on Earth.
Root CircletYour melee ATK SPD is increased by +20%.Found on Earth, Marrow Pass from the Cult of the Root Event. (DO NOT make the Cultist hostile and root hearts).
Ring of EvasionYour evading window is increased by a small margin.Random drop on Rhom.
Ring of ShadowsDecreases enemy Awareness Range by 25% and amplifies damage dealt to non-aggressive enemies by 15%.Random drop on Yaesha.
Ring of SupremacyIncreases damage by 20% once the your health has remained at full capacity for a minimum of 10 seconds.Play on Hardcore mode. Drops from Totem Father or The Ravager on Yaesha.
Ring of Admiral300% increase in incoming damage, while all damage dealt is increased by 15%.Purchased from Reggie in Ward 13.
Ring of ElusionPerfect dodging enemy attacks results in the restoration of 50 Stamina and a temporary 100% reduction in Stamina Cost for a duration of 10 seconds.Random drop on Rhom.
RazorstoneYou’ve a chance to land a melee Critical Hit that will deal 200% of all the damage done in 15 seconds.Random drop on Corsus.
Pillar of StoneYou get -25% reduced recoil and -50% reduced sway.Random drop on Earth.
Mother’s RingAll the incoming damage is decreased by -15%.Random drop on Earth.
Leech EmberYou melee hits help you lifesteal 5% of all the damage dealt.Random drop on Rhom.
Keeper’s RingYou gain +15% defense against all types of elemental attacks.Random drop on Yaseha.
Jewel of the Black SunYou’re able to stack ranged kills upto 5 times that increases the ranged damage by 3% for a total of 5 seconds.Purchased from Wud on Rhom.
Hunter’s HaloThis ring increases the effective range of all the firearms by +20%.Random drop on Rhom.
Hunter’s BandHitting an enemy’s weak spot from more than 15 meters away will provide you with +25% increased damage.Random drop on Yaesha.
HeartseekerYou gain +25% increased Critical Hit Damage and +100% Critical Hit Chance against non-aggressive enemies.Random drop on Earth.
Gravity StoneYou gain +25% increased damage whenever there are 3 or more enemies standing within an 8-meter radius of you.Random drop on Rhom.
Ezlan’s BandIncreases your maximum HP by +25.Random drop on Rhom.
Devouring LoopYour Critical Hits have a chance to dish out +300% bonus damage.Random drop on Corsus.
Celerity StoneYou’re able to use consumables +25% faster than the normal speed.Found on Yaesha in the Forgotten Undercroft – Ricochet Rifle Blink Theif.
Braided ThornsAfter you manage to defeat an enemy, you gain +15% increased Critical Hit Chance for a total of 6 seconds.Found on Marrow Pass Earth during the Cult of the Root event.
Blood FontYou restore 0.238 HP per second.Random Drop on Corsus.
Band of StrengthAfter a melee kill, you gain +10% increased Melee Damage for 10 seconds. This effect stacks upto 3 times for +30% increased damage.Random drop on Rhom.
Band of AccordAmmo from pickups is increased by 25%. The ring effects are shared among allies.High Five Emote an Ally.
Band of CastorWhen equipped with the BAND OF POLLUX, Melee Speed is enhanced by 10%, but Fire Rate is decreased by 15%.
Additionally, the BAND OF POLLUX augments Melee damage by 10%, improves Evade Speed by 15%, and reduces Encumbrance by 25.
Random drop on Earth.
Band of PolluxMelee Charge Attacks increase melee damage by 5% for 10s. The effect can be stacked 4 times.Random drop on Rhom.
Burden of the DevotedA 15% reduction in all damage dealt, while half (50%) of their self-healing applies to allies as well.Random drop on Corsus.
Burden of the FollowersDecreases the Fire Rate by 35% while simultaneously boosting Mod Power generation by 100%.Random drop on Yaesha.
Burden of the GamblerDisables the bonus damage from hitting weak spots, but increases Critical Chance by 15% and Critical Damage by 25%.Random drop on Earth.
Burden of the RecklessDisables the healing effect of Dragon hearts. Instead, Perfect dodging enemy attacks triggers health regeneration, restoring 5% of the wearer’s maximum health per second for a period of 5 seconds.Random drop on Rhom.
Compulsion LoopAfter defeating an enemy, Movement Speed is increased by 20%, Fire Rate is boosted by 15%, and Melee Speed is enhanced by 10% for a duration of 7 seconds.Random drop on Rhom.
Deceiver’s BandFollowing a slide maneuver, Evade Speed is increased by 25% and Movement Speed is increased by 15% for a duration of 10 seconds.Random drop on Rhom.
Empowering LoopIncreased Ranged damage by 25%, albeit at the cost of reducing Fire rate by 10%.Beat Ixillis in Hardcore Mode on Corsus.
Heart of the WolfIncreased maximum Stamina by 25 and increased Movement Speed by 10%.Complete the bell puzzle near the Pan Flautist in Yaesha.
Pearl of LuminescenceThe wearer has a 70% probability of doubling the amount of Lumenite Crystal obtained upon picking it up after defeating Elite enemies.Random drop on Yaesha.
Provisioner RingFirearms reload over time while stowedDrop from Singe or The Ent on Hardcore mode on Earth.
Restriction CordLimits the wearer’s healing capacity to not exceed 50% of their maximum health and diminishes incoming damage by 15%.Random drop on Yaesha.
Spirit StoneBoosts Mod Power generation by 25% and enhances Weapon Mod damage by 10%.Random drop on Yaesha.
Stockpile CircletIncreases Max Ammo reserves for all firearms by 50%.Random drop on Earth.

Subject 2923 DLC Rings

Amber MoonestoneWhen the wearer’s health falls below 25%, they acquire a 25% damage reduction and become immune to status effects.In Reisum, Janitor’s Watch to Clementine in Subject 2923.
Blackbreaker RingIncrease Melee Backstab dmg by 30%.Random drop in Earth’s rural areas.
Band of DiscordSlows down the speed of Consumable Use by 15%. Dragon Hearts restore the wearer’s health by 125 over a duration of 30 seconds.Purchased from Sebum on Reisum.
Black Cat BandInstead of dying to fatal damage, the wearer’s health will decrease to 1, triggering a 25% increase in movement speed for a duration of 10 seconds. This ability has a cooldown of 1 minute.Play on Survival Mode and beat every normal boss twice. The ring can also be bought from Whispers.
Bloodletter’s InsigniaWhen the wearer inflicts Bleeding effects, 10% of the damage dealt is siphoned and returned to the wearer as health.Warning Totem’s Event in Reisum located on a dead body near the end of the dungeon.
Bright Steel RingGrants the wearer the ability to perform the fastest evade roll, irrespective of their Armor Encumbrance.Play on Survival Mode and beat every normal boss twice. The ring can also be bought from Whispers.
Burden of the WarlordDecreases the effective range of all firearms by 50% while simultaneously increasing all damage dealt by 15%.Random drop on Reisum.
Evoker’s SealRefunds 15% Mod Power on use.Warning Totems Even in Reisum. Destroy all totems without alerting.
Five Fingered RingIncreased Unarmed Melee damage by 50%, Critical damage by 25%, and Critical Chance by 20%.Random drop in Earth’s rural areas.
Juggernaut BandUpon sprinting for a duration of 2 seconds, the wearer experiences a 10% reduction in incoming damage, a 15% increase in Movement Speed, a decrease of 1 in stagger level, and performs the heaviest evade.Warning Totems Even in Reisum. Destroy all totems without alerting all of them, alert only some of them.
Prismatic Diamond Ring10% increase in Elemental damage.At the end of the Grave Siege event on Reisum.
Ring of the Flawless BeautyRanged damage dealt to weakspots is amplified by 40%. However, if a weakspot is missed while shooting, ranged damage is reduced by 20%.Purchase 250 items in Survival Mode.
Ring of Honoraises Health by 10, Stamina by 10, and decreases Armor Encumbrance by 10.The item can be discovered within the secret room in Ward Prime. To access it, locate a hole at the top of a dead-end staircase. Peering through the hole, aim and shoot the lock to unlock the door.
Ring of SynergyBoosts the effectiveness of Teamwork by 10% and increases the speed of Revival by 11% for each ally also wearing this ring.Purchased from Sebum in Reisum.
Ring of the PunisherAmplifies damage dealt to enemies afflicted by status effects. For each distinct status effect applied, all damage is heightened by 5%.Play on Hardcore and beat Brudvaak, the Rider and Vargr, the Warg on Reisum.
Scavenger’s RingWhen collecting Scrap, Iron, and Ammo pickups, the wearer regenerates 3% of their maximum health and gains a 10% increase in both Ranged and Melee damage for a duration of 30 seconds.Purchased from Krall Mother on Reisom.
Serpent’s FangIncreased Charged Melee Damage by 20%.Random drop on Reisum.
Swashbuckler’s SignetA buff stack is built every 20 seconds, accumulating up to a maximum of 3 stacks. Melee Charge Attacks consume one stack and restore 15% of the wearer’s ammo capacity for both firearms.The item can be obtained during the Creeper’s Peepers Event on Reisum. To acquire it, specifically defeat the Emin with the false eye inside the cage, ignoring other enemies.
Vanguard RingWith each Melee Charge attack, incoming and outgoing damage is reduced by 4%, and enemy aggression towards the wearer is heightened for a duration of 15 seconds. This effect can stack up to 5 times.Found in Homestead’s Basement in Earth’s rural areas.
Volatile GemRandom drop on Reisum.

Swamp of Corsus DLC Rings

Gift of the IskalMod power is gradually generated over time for the wearer, but it comes at the cost of reducing their Healing Effectiveness by 15%.Beat Mar’Gosh on Corsus.
Grim CoilWhen reloading a weapon after dealing a minimum of 40% of the base damage from a single magazine, damage is boosted by 7% for a duration of 20 seconds. This effect can stack up to 3 times.Purchased from Graveyard Elf on Corsus.
Hero’s RingWhile sprinting towards a wounded teammate, Movement Speed is enhanced by 25%. Additionally, Revive Speed is increased by 100% and the wearer becomes immune to staggering effects while performing a revival.The item can be found within the Fetid Pool dungeon on Corsus. To locate it, use the Acid Cleaned Key to access the second floor. Proceed to the second door and unlock it using another Acid Cleaned Key.
Iskal Hunter BandReduces Spread by 40%The item can be obtained during the Sketterling Temple event by defeating the Red Vikorian Beetles that appear randomly in dungeons.
Loop of ProsperityMetal materials acquired on pickup are doubled.Play on Survival Mode and kill 25 bosses. Could take multiple runs.
Ring of the MantisWhen the wearer comes to a halt for at least 1 second, Fire Rate is heightened by 15% and Critical damage is increased by 20%.The item can be obtained during the Sketterling Temple event by defeating the Red Vikorian Beetles that randomly appear in dungeons.
Ring of the UncleanUnarmed Melee attacks inflict double (2x) the normal damage, while Heavy Flops deliver quadruple (4x) the typical damage.The item can be acquired by assisting the Iskal Queen in infecting the Graveyard Elf.
Soul EmberSummoned creature’s health is reduced by 60%. Upon their death, they will explode, dealing 150 damage plus an additional 15 damage per weapon level within a 4-meter radius. Normally exploding summons will deal 25% bonus damage. If there are excess summons, they will explode when another summon is used.The ring can be obtained by destroying all the hanging pods in the Circlet Hatchery event.
Soul LinkSummons will steal 5% of the damage they deal, returning it to the wearer as Health.Inside a cave next to Cryptolith on Rhom.

These are so far all the rings you can find or craft in Remnant: From the Ashes. We’ll continue to update the guide with locations and crafting recipes. In the meanwhile, if you’ve anything else to add, be sure to let us know!