Marrow pass is one of the dungeons in Remnant: From the Ashes. It is an Earth dungeon which is part of the Cult of the Root Quest. Completing the Marrow Pass will let you get a ton of XP and rewards in Remnant. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Marrow Pass dungeon of Remnant: From the Ashes.


The Earth-based Marrow Pass dungeon is similar to every other dungeon you will find in Remnant. Marrow Pass location is random so its exact location will change based on your own dynamically created world.

How To Complete And Find Marrow Pass Location In Remnant: From The Ashes

The Marrow Pass location is riddled with the Cult of the Root. In this area, you will find two main threats you can take down to get XP and rewards. There are two rooms in the Marrow Pass with passages and chambers and each is home to the Root Nexus.

Find the Root Nexus and you will find the Marrow Pass. When you find the Root Nexus you need to destroy them both.

The Root Nexus

If you don’t know what the Root Nexus is, let me explain. The Root Nexus is a demonic tree that is located in an antechamber on the west side of the Earth map. This demonic structure has a good amount of health bar so you will let a ton of ammo to bring it down. If there are enemies in the area clear them out before engaging The Root Nexus in Remnant’s Marrow Pass Dungeon.

As soon as you target The Root Nexus it’ll star to summon enemies. You will have to switch between taking down the enemies and damaging The Root Nexus. Use the best weapons you can find in Remnant for this cause. Enemies will keep spawning but once you kill the demonic tree all of the enemies it spawns are going to disappear.

The Root Nexus Reward: 250 XP

The Root Cultist

Once you are able to destroy both Root Nexus you then need to find the Root Cultist, a human NPC that attacks on sight. He is inside one of the chambers behind The Root Nexus. Appraoch the room and avoid getting hit. The good news is that The Root Cultist isn’t hard to kill. You will get the Braided Thorns ring from his corpse after he’s dead.

The Root Cultist Reward: 250 XP | Speak to the Cultist: 250 XP

Marrow Pass Dungeon

In order to complete the Marrow Pass Dungeon in Remnant, you need to stay on the left side to reach the giant circle, and once you get all the way through you’ll reach a metal gate, a shortcut exit. The dungeon is full of vicious enemies but the most dangerous ones are the exploding creatures. There are some brutes int he area as well so beware of that.

That is all for our Remnant: From The Ashes Marrow Pass guide. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our Remnant: From The Ashes guides hub.