Remnant: From The Ashes Key Items and Crafting Materials Guide – Where to Find, How to Use

remnant from the ashes key items and crafting materials

Remnant: From The Ashes comes with a plethora of key items and crafting materials. Each item is important to the overall gameplay experience. Our Remnant: From The Ashes, Key Items and Crafting Materials Guide will discuss all key items and crafting materials.

Remnant: From The Ashes Key Items and Crafting Materials

Key Items are special items in Remnant From The Ashes. These items are used to unlock or advance various missions in the game. They also help you access certain locked areas. You need to find these items at certain locations in the game.

This guide is a work in progress so some of the information might be missing. Will be updated soon.

August 22: Updated with more locations and crafting items.

Key Items

Key Item



Control Rod Dropped from Maul (the Pack), Used to activate the Ancient Construct by Wud Drop by Maul.
D.A.T.L.A. Key This key can power the crystal terminal in Ward 13 Found in Ward 13
Founder’s Key This key unlocks a computer connected to a mirror on the lower levels of Ward 13 Yaesha – Founder’s Prison
Fuse Can be used to fill the empty fuse slot located on Ward 13 Found in Ward 13 behind keycard door
Glowing Rod Three of these are needed to open the vaults to get the Akari Armor Pieces Rhom Drop –  inside The Ardent Temple
Guardian’s Heart Give to either the Undying King or the Elf Queen to complete their quests. Ixillis Drop
Howling Key   Claviger.Drop
Labyrinth Key It is used to access the Labyrinth Undying King Drop
Strange Coin You can give this item to Ace, and she will reward you with Magnum Revolver and 300 Scrap N/A
Strange Curio This strange object looks like it has been separated from something else. Perhaps that isolation is of some importance? Found at Yaesha (Stuck Merchant)
Tarnished Ring You give this Item to Reggie, and he will reward you with a trait. N/A
Ward 13 Keycard Gain access to the main hub, Ward 13. Founder’s Hideout
Ward 13 Master Key This key unlocks all locks of this type in Ward 13. Very convenient Ward 13 in the room after the giant fan)

Now let’s talk about the crafting materials in Remnant: From The Ashes. The game feature a ton of crafting materials and they found and various locations.

Crafting Materials




Unclean Heart Craft Devastator The Unclean One Drop
Twisted Heart Craft Petrified Maul The Ent Drop
Totem Antler Craft Eye of the Storm Totem Father on Yaesha
Thermal Geode Craft Defiler Defeat Ixillis
The Undying Heart Craft Ruin The Undying King drop on Rhom
Swarm Tusk Craft Swarm Defeat Thrall
Storm Crystal Craft Storm Caller Defeat Storm Caller
Stone of the Guardian Craft World Breaker Defeat Claviger
Spore Gland Craft Sporebloom Defeat The Ent
Slime Vessel Valuable resource carried by CANKER that can be used to forge a powerful weapon. Defeat Canker
Simulacrum ULTRA RARE resource that has the power to take any weapon or armor and manifest it to its ultimate form at max level. It can also be used to reinforce the Dragonheart. Cutthroat Channel
Sharpnel Shard Craft Explosive Shot Brabus Drop
Shadewood Can be used to craft Rattle Weed Shroud Drop
Sentinel Shard Valuable resource harvested from RAZE that can be used to forge a powerful weapon mod. Raze drop on Rhom.
Radioactive Skull Used to craft Breath of the Desert Scourge Drop
Lumenite Crystal The special resource used to craft boss weapons, weapon mods, upgrade boss weapons and dragon heart capacity. Enemy/bosses drop and can be found inside crates/chests.
Iron The resource used to reinforce weapons and armor. Enemy/bosses drop and can be found inside crates/chests.
Hound Choker Craft Howler’s Immunity Maul at Stalker’s Den drops
Hivestone Craft Hive Cannon Defeat Ixillis
Forged Iron Upgrade weapons and armor to level 6-10 and boss weapons to level 4-5 Found at Rhom and Yaesha
Flesh Barb Craft Mantle Of Thorns Defeat Gorefist
Blink Spear Shard Craft Blink Token Defeat Onslaught
Blazing Heart Used to craft Spitfire Defeat Singe
Black Tear Can be used to craft Veil of the Black Tear Can be obtained by defeating Shade and Shatter
Ancient Core “The Anointed- the Vyr- were created to be perfect soldiers, living constructs that could fight, survive, and ultimately liberate the Black Sun. They have fallen far from their purpose.” Dropped by the Ancient Automaton on Rhom following activation with the Vyr Control Rod.

This marks the end of our Remnant: From The Ashes key items and crafting guide. You can also check out our How to level up fast, weapon stats, where to find iron, and secret achievements and trophies.