Out of different accessories that you can equip in Remnant: From the Ashes, amulets are one. Similar to rings, these amulets provide you with a variety of buffs including but not limited to increasing offense, defense, and healing capabilities. However, unlike the rings, you can only equip only one amulet at any given time.


Remnant From the Ashes All Amulets

As for acquiring these amulets in Remnant: From the Ashes, there are multiple ways of doing so. You can find amulets as boss drops, scattered around in the open world, purchase them from merchants, and even craft them. In this Amulets Guide, we’ve detailed all the amulets, their locations, and the effects that they provide you with.


Abrasive Amulet
Doubles application of the CORRODED effect. Melee Charge Attacks apply the CORRODED effect. Corsus – Random drop.Base Game

Amulet of Epicaricacy
Increases Mod Power generation by 15%. When attacking an enemy with an active STATUS effect, Mod power generation is increased by an additional 30%.Corsus – Sketterling Temple event: Obtained from killing the Red Vikorian Beetles that spawn randomly in dungeons.Swamps Of Corsus

Black Rose
The wearer’s chest armor set bonus is increased by 1 piece. It will not exceed the 3 piece armor set bonus.Survival Mode – 100 Total Boss Kills (Can be done in multiple runs).Swamps Of Corsus

Blessed Necklace
Receiving a benefit from a Dragon Heart reduces incoming damage by 30% for 10 seconds.Reisum – Reward for saving the Krall Mother’s baby.Subject 2923

Brutal Mark
After being equipped for 60 seconds, increases all damage by 25% to enemies that have less than 50% Health.Rhom – Random drop.Base Game

Butcher’s Fetish
Gain 15% Crit Chance and 25% Crit Damage for 10 seconds after striking an enemy with a Charge Melee Attack.Corsus – Random drop.Base Game

Charcoal Necklace
Increase FIRE damage from all sources by 15% and BURNING damage by 50%.Reisum – Random drop.Subject 2923

Cleansing Jewel
Dragon Heart removes all STATUS effects from all allies. STATUS effect buildup on wearer is reduced by 50%.Rhom – Random drop.Base Game

Daredevil’s Charm
Increases Total damage dealt by 30% for each piece of unequipped armor. Damage received is increased by 15%.Survival Mode – 75 Total Boss Kills (Can be done in multiple runs).Swamps Of Corsus

Doubles FROSTBITE application.Reisum – Random drop.Subject 2923

Galenic Charm
Increases Weapon Mod damage by 25%.Rhom – Random drop.
Base Game

Gunslinger’s Charm
Increases Fire Rate by 15% and Reload Speed by 20%.Earth – Random drop.Base Game

Hangman’s Memento
Increase Weakspot damage by an additional 50% for 10 seconds after killing an enemy.Earth Rural areas – Survive the Barn Siege.Subject 2923

Heart of Darkness
Increases Ranged and Melee damage dealt by 20%. Increases damage received by 50% for 30 seconds after using a Dragon Heart.Corsus – Fetid Pools – Use the Acid Cleaned Key on the second door.Swamps Of Corsus

Leto’s Amulet
Reduces Armor Encumbrance by 40% and Stamina cost by 15%.Earth – Can be found in Gorefist (Sunken Passage) or Shroud (Hidden Sanctum) dungeons.The areas where the amulet is in spawns rarely in the aforementioned dungeons.Base Game

Mender’s Charm
Dragon Hearts heal all allies with 100% base effectiveness. Increases all Healing Effectiveness by 50%.Rhom – Can be purchased from Wud.Base Game

Nightmare Spiral
Ranged hits steal 6% of base damage dealt as Health. Consumable Healing Effectiveness is reduced by 95%.Hardcore Mode – Defeat Dreamer / Nightmare.Base Game

Onyx Pendulum
Dealing firearm damage adds stacks which increase the damage of the stowed firearm by 2.5% for 15 seconds. Stacks 10 times.Hardcore Mode – Complete Both Campaigns.Base Game and Subject 2923

Pocket Watch
Increases Stamina Regen by 20 per second and reduces Stamina Cost by 20%.Earth – Given by Mudtooth in his helicopter after listening to all his stories.Can be used as exchange for Bandit Set before fighting Brabus.
Base Game

Polished Whetstone
When attacking a BLEEDING enemy, Crit Chance is increased by 15% and Crit Damage increased by 35%.Reisum – Random drop.Subject 2923

Radioactive Ember
Increases RADIATION damage by 15% and converts basic melee weapons from physical to elemental dealing RADIATION damage.Rhom – Random drop.Base Game

Razorwire Necklace
Increase BLEEDING damage by 50% and Ranged and Melee damage dealt to enemies with BLEEDING by 15%.Reisum – Random drop.Subject 2923

Rock of Anguish
Gain 10% Movement Speed and 15% Reload Speed for every 25% of Max Health missing.Corsus – Random drop.Base Game

Rusted Amulet
Reduces Stamina Cost by 80% but increases Armor Encumbrance by 25.Corsus – Found in Fetid Pools dungeon.Swamps Of Corsus

Scavenger’s Bauble
Increases the amount of Scrap picked up by 50%.Yaesha – Solve The Doe Shrine puzzle.Base Game

Shattered Vertebrae
Increase Ranged damage by 10%. When dealing Non-Critical damage with a firearm, Crit Chance is increased by 2% and Crit damage is increased by 5%. When a Critical Hit occurs, Crit Chance and Crit Chance damage are reset.Hardcore Mode – Complete Reisum Campaign.Subject 2923

Soul Anchor
Increases the duration of summons creatures by 100% and increases wearer’s Ranged and Melee damage by 6.25% (max 25%) per summoned minion.Yaesha – Obtained from The Risen Event.Base Game

Stalker’s Brand
Firearm sound is reduced by 25%. When crouched, increases Movement Speed by 20% and reduces enemy Awareness Range by 15%.Yaesha – Random drop.Base Game

Storm Amulet
Increases SHOCK damage by 15%. Weapon Mods that inflict SHOCK damage deal an additional 10%.Yaesha – Random drop.Base Game

Talisman of Animosity
Increases Weakspot damage by 30%. Weakspot kills increase all damage by 10% for 10 seconds.Rhom – Random drop.Base Game

Talisman of Perseverance
Increases earned Experience by 1% when slaying an enemy and will last until the wearer dies, unequips the amulet, or rests at a checkpoint. Stacking up to 50 times.Survival Mode – 50 Boss Kills (Can be done in multiple runs).Swamps Of Corsus

Terror Margin
Melee hits steal 1.5% of the base damage dealt as Health. For every 25% missing Health, gain an additional 1.5% lifesteal. With full health, gain 20% Melee damage.Earth Rural areas – Random drop.Subject 2923

Twisted Idol
Increases Armor Effectiveness by 30% and reduces Encumbrance by 15.Earth – Obtained by killing the Wailing Tree.Base Game

Vengeance Idol
All damage dealt is increased by 30% when the wearer’s Health is below 50%. Includes Summons.Yaesha – Random drop.Base Game

Vulcan’s Detonator
Increases Explosion Damage by 25%. Explosions apply BURNING status effect.Reisum – Warning Totems event: destroy all totems while alerting all of them.Subject 2923

White Rose
Increases all damage dealt by 25% for each unequipped firearm.Survival Mode – Defeat all bosses 2 times. Can also be bought from Whispers.Subject 2923

These are all the amulets that you can craft/find in Remnant: From the Ashes. We’ll continue to add locations of these items in the coming days so be sure to stay tuned!