Remnant From Ashes The Ward 13 Keycard Guide – Where To Use The keycard

Remnant From Ashes Ward 13 Keycard Guide

The Ward 13 keycard is an useful item but a lot of players don’t know where and how to use it. Our Remnant From Ashes Guide will help you figure out where to use the Ward 13 keycard and what it unlocks.

Where To Use The Ward 13 Keycard

The Ward 13 keycard is acquired fairly early in Remnant From Ashes. It unlocks a new area for players to explore which grants access to new weapons and other items that you can loot.

Here is where you can use the Ward 13 keycard. First, return to The Ward 13 and go downstairs to the second basement towards the reactor. Use the Ward 13 keycard on the device next to the door.

There will be a lot of things that you can pick up here but, there are only a couple of important items here. The first one is a new trait that boosts EXP which is located behind the second door on the left. The second item is a fuse located behind the third door on the left.

Also, you’ll notice that the room at the end of the hall isn’t opening. For that you need a key and here is how you get it. Go to the B3 or basement 3, and plug the fuse in. Flip the switch and the power will turn on and use the keycard again to open the B3 door.

Go back and turn off the power which will turn off a large fan. Now, go through the door and to the left will the large fan that turned off. Go to the room behind the fan and you’ll find the key. Take the key and return to B2 and open the door at the end of the hall where you’ll find a SMG weapon and other items.

That is all for our Remnant From Ashes The Ward 13 Keycard Guide with tips on how and where you can use The Ward 13 Keycard.