Remnant From The Ashes Dragon Heart Upgrade Guide – How To Craft The Dragon Shard, Where To Find The Simulacrum

Remnant From The Ashes Dragon Heart Upgrade Guide

Having only three Dragon Hearts can be too little in tough situations and our Remnant From The Ashes Dragon Heart Upgrade Guide will help you with increasing that number.

Dragon Hearts are important items in Remnant From The Ashes as they heal players. Players only get three as they start and will replenish Dragon hearts when they rest at a checkpoint.

How To Upgrade The Dragon Heart

To upgrade the Dragon Heart you first need to get to the Chapel and free the Root Mother. Don’t worry, this is part of the main path and is unmissable.

Go to the Chapel and talk to the Root Mother and complete the encounter. Once its completed, go back to the Ward 13 where you’ll find the Root Mother, talk to her and check the upgrades she is offering.

You are looking for the Dragon Shard which can be acquired to 1000 along with 1x Simulacrum and 10x Lumenite Crystals. However, Simulacrum is extremely rare randomly generated item and obviously, it’s difficult to find one.

Where To Find Simulacrum
Here is how and where you can find the Simulacrum in Remnant From The Ashes. Given that it’s randomly generated you need to be looking for it at all times while playing. Also, in each world, you’ll only find one Simulacrum. Earth, Yaesha, Rhom, and Corsus have one Simulacrum to offer, however, the 5th one is a secret.

Once you have found the Simulacrum, go back to Root Mother and craft the Dragon Shard and your Dagon Heart capacity will increase by +1. Meaning you can carry four Dragon Hearts with you at max.

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That is all for our Remnant From The Ashes Dragon Heart Upgrade Guide with tips on how to craft the Dragon Shard and where to find the Simulacrum.