Remnant: From The Ashes Citadel Curse Guide – How To Lift The Curse

Remnant From Ashes Citadel Curse Guide

The Citadel Curse can hit players while clearing through a dungeon. It’s a deadly curse as you lose health constantly. Also, the Citadel Curse happens at random and here is how you can lift or clear the citadel Curse in Remnant From The Ashes.

How to Lift Citadel Curse

While the Citadel Curse is deadly as you start losing health but, for every kill, you’ll receive health. Use this to complete the entire dungeon. Once completed, the curse will be lifted.

All you have to do is kill your way through the dungeon to increase your chances of survival. This is how to clear the Citadel Curse in Remnant From Ashes.

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