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Remnant 2 is an exciting sequel to the popular game Remnant: From the Ashes. This action-packed game offers a variety of classes, each with unique abilities and gameplay styles. This guide will help you understand each class and choose the one that suits your playstyle the best.

We also explore the exciting feature of multi-classing, a game-changer that allows you to benefit from the abilities of two classes. Furthermore, we offer our recommendation on the best Archetypes for you in Remnant 2.

Best Archetypes For Co-Op Multiplayer


The Challenger class serves as the initial tank in Remnant 2. Tanks are essential in co-op play because they can absorb a lot of damage, allowing DPS classes to focus on dealing damage. However, the Challenger class comes with a caveat: it uses Area of Effect (AOE) abilities that can also affect teammates due to the game’s friendly fire mechanics. Therefore, it’s crucial to have an experienced Challenger and a competent healer on the team to mitigate this issue.

Remnant 2 Challenger Archetype


Summoner is a unique class that allows players to summon NPC Root allies to attack enemies. This class is powerful but comes with a trade-off: summoning minions costs a percentage of the player’s health. Therefore, it’s advisable to pair a Summoner with an experienced healer. Communication is key when playing as a Summoner, making it less suitable for play with strangers or first-timers.

Remnant 2 Summoner Archetype


The Invader class is a stealth-based archetype that can spawn decoys to distract enemies. These decoys offer an additional benefit: when enemies are distracted by them and another player damages those enemies, that player gains a bit of HP back. Invaders are potent in solo runs but become even more useful in a team setting due to their healing abilities.

Remnant 2 Invader Archetype.


Engineer is another tank class but is generally considered superior to the Challenger for co-op play. This is mainly because of its high damage output and the variety of Heavy Weapons it can use. The Engineer’s defensive skills also grant nearby allies a slight boost to damage reduction, making it a valuable addition to any team.


Handler is a starting support class that comes with a unique perk allowing a dog companion to revive them. The Handler can also increase allies’ movement speed and has a healing skill called Support Dog. This class is versatile and can fit into various roles, making it a good choice for any team composition.

The Handler class perks.


The Explorer class has a unique perk that increases the rate and quality of item drops for the team. While not the most potent combat class, an Explorer can help ensure a constant stream of new weapons and armor, keeping the team’s stats high.


The Medic class is almost entirely devoted to healing and shielding the team. While it may lack in damage output and defense, its healing abilities make it an invaluable asset to a well-balanced team.


Alchemist is the most flexible and effective class for co-op play. It offers a range of healing options and can equip different Vials to provide various benefits to the team. Whether it’s reducing damage, increasing fire rate, or regenerating health, the Alchemist can adapt to the team’s specific needs.

My Recommendation: In a co-op setting, the Medic and Engineer shine the brightest. The Medic’s healing abilities can keep the entire team in the fight, while the Engineer’s machine gun significantly boosts the group’s damage output. The Challenger serves as a great tank, especially useful if your team lacks a frontline. Gunslinger and Hunter also perform well in co-op, with Gunslinger offering some minor buffs to allies and Hunter’s long-range attacks becoming more effective with team support.

Best Archetypes for Solo Players in Remnant 2


Engineer stands out as the best archetype for solo players. Although it’s not available from the start, it’s worth the wait. The Engineer can equip heavy armor for excellent defense and has skills that allow you to spawn various turrets. These turrets can either focus on your current target or operate autonomously. With a balanced approach to offense and defense, the Engineer is a one-man army.


Challenger is your go-to tanking starter class. It excels in defense and can wear heavy armor, making it a sturdy choice for solo players. The archetype has high-damage skills like AoE War Stomp and defensive boosts like Juggernaut. However, its reliance on melee attacks puts you at greater risk, especially without a healer.


Invader is a stealth-focused class that can spawn decoys to distract enemies. This is invaluable for solo players, as it takes the pressure off you. The class also has a self-healing perk called Loophole, which is crucial for solo runs. The only downside is that Invader takes time to unlock.


Gunslinger offers high damage output and is a great choice for players who focus on gunplay. It comes with balanced offense options for all ranges and has skills that conserve ammo. However, it lacks in the healing and defense departments.


Hunter excels at long-range attacks but falls short in close-quarters combat. It’s a fast-moving class that requires a slow, careful playstyle. While it does a lot of damage, it prioritizes speed over defense, making it less ideal for solo play.


If you’re all about gathering loot, Explorer is the class for you. Its perks mainly increase the frequency and quality of enemy drops. However, it doesn’t excel in offense or defense.

How to Change Classes

Changing your class in Remnant 2 is a straightforward process. Open the Archetype screen and select your “Primary Archetype.” Then, choose the Engram of the new class you want to play and slot it into the Primary Archetype slot. If you wish to use a dual Archetype configuration, you can slot another Engram next to the “Primary Archetype” slot. And there you have it; you’ve successfully changed your class!

Choosing the right class in Remnant 2 depends on your preferred playstyle. Whether you want to be a long-ranged assassin, a close combat warrior, a pet class handler, a damage-dealing gunslinger, or a team-supporting medic, there’s a class for you. Remember, you can also multi-class later in the game to benefit from the abilities of two classes.

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