While exploring Ward 13 you will come across a locked safe inside Ford’s office. You will need a code to unlock it but the game does not tell you how you can obtain the code. In this Remnant 2 guide, we go over what you need to do to unlock the Ward 13 safe in Ford’s office.


How To Unlock The Ward 13 (Ford’s Office) Safe

The secret code to the Ward 13 safe in Remnant 2 is 0415. The following are the steps that you can follow to find it.

Safe Location

You might have noticed the safe when you talk to Fort in the office for the first time. You will need to progress the story a bit before you are able to unlock it.

Get the Flashlight

Progress through the game until you head out of Ward 13 with Ford. You will need to talk to a couple of people before talking to Ford at the exit. As you make your way down the tunnel he will give you a flashlight. This will allow you to see through the dark. But you will also need it to open the Ward 13 safe in Remnant 2.


Inspect The Flash Light

Head into your inventory and you will see that the flashlight is a quest item. Inspect it to find the code 0415. Even though you know the code, you will not be able to use it for a while since you will be stuck to the story. You will need to get to the Red Crystal before you can come back to Ward 13.

Inspect the flashlight to get the Ward 13 code in Remnant 2

Enter the Code

Once you are back in Ward 13, you can use the code and open the safe. Inside you will find the Cargo Control Key.

Where To Use The Cargo Control Key

Head towards the Red Crystal and then turn left. You will find a wire fence in front of you. Head through the gap in the fence and follow the path between the containers. At the end, you will find a locked door. This is where you need to use the Cargo Control Key.

On the table to the left, you will find the MP60-R handgun that shoots like an SMG. This is the actual prize for finding the safe code.


This is how you can open the safe in Ward 13 in Remnant 2. To learn more check out our guide on how you can beat Ripsaw. You can also check out our guide on which weapon mod you should unlock first.


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