There are two possible work bosses that you can encounter in N’Erud in Remnant 2, and Tal’Ratha is one of them. You will come across the boss in the final section of the Tal’Ratha and The Shining Essence Echo storyline. There are two versions of the Tal’Ratha boss; the standard form and the metaphysical form. Which one you get depends on whether or not you let Tal’Ratha eat you during the starting dialogue. In this Remnant 2 guide, we cover how you can defeat both forms of Tal’Ratha and include weak points that you should target.


How To Defeat Tal’Ratha (Standard Form) In Remnant 2

The standard form of Tal’Ratha is inside the chamber where you talk to him. This boss is massive compared to other Drzyrs, but this does not slow him down. The boss is incredibly fast and can charge at you. Its weak spot is its gaping mouth.

Charged Attacks

The boss can close gaps using his charged attacks. You can avoid these by dodging to either side. This should prevent you from damage if timed right.

Gaping Mouth Attack

The boss can use his gaping mouth to pull you closer. When this happens, you can shoot into this mouth to stagger the boss. This move is often followed up by a ground punch or a body slam. The body slam creates a shockwave that you need to stay clear of. You can move away to avoid damage from the body slam.


Ranged Attacks

The boss can use gas canisters and Drzyr zombies too. He can also throw black fluid at you from mid-range. Furthermore, he can vomit projectiles at you from his mouth. We recommend moving around rather than standing still for the vomit attack. Lastly, the boss can attack you with a glowing homing orb. Luckily you can easily shoot these and destroy them.

How To Defeat Tal’Ratha (Metaphysical Form)

If Tal’Ratha is in his metaphysical form, then you need to attack his head; this is the weak point of the boss.


In this form, the boss can teleport around the arena, allowing it to close gaps and also get away from you when needed. This makes his moves much harder to predict and counter.

Charged Attacks

Charged attacks in this form will be more aggressive, and expect them consistently one after the other for a total of three at a time. The boss will charge at you, teleport and then charge at you again, typically from a different direction.


Star Attacks

The boss has a couple of different star attacks, which include a massive AoE attack. He can also shoot stars throughout the arena and have them rain down on you. You will need to dodge the first three waves of stars, then wait, and then dodge the final attack.

This is how you can beat Tal’Ratha in Remnant 2. If you want to learn more about the game, then you can check out our guide on scrap farming tips.