Damage in Remnant 2 is divided into different types. While building your character, you will not only need to keep these in mind but also prepare for various status ailments that enemies can inflict on you. Once inflicted, these can slowly chip away HP, reduce movement speed, lessen max HP, etc. Since these are pretty substantial inflictions, you must learn how to get rid of them to be able to survive longer, especially on higher difficulties. In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about different status ailments and curing them in Remnant 2.


Curing Status Ailments in Remnant 2

There are a total of seven status ailments in Remnant 2. The effects of these are self-explanatory; especially for people who have played SoulsBorne but not the ways you cure them. Here is a quick rundown:


This deals continuous damage over time. To stop the Bleeding, you will need to use Bandages.



Once again, this deals damage over time. You can roll to extinguish the flames. Also, you can get temporary fire resistance by using Mud Rubs.


This basically decreases your Armor. This results in you receiving more damage from attacks. You can prevent that by using Antidotes.



Overloaded is similar to Shock which causes an explosion that deals a significant amount of damage. To prevent that, you will need to use Ethereal Orbs.

Root Rot

This one is very annoying. It basically slows down your character, makes it hard to evade attacks, and reduces movement speed while ADS. To cure it, you will need to use Oilskin Balm.



Another one is Suppression which prevents you from using Skills and Perks. You will need to use the Timeworn Unguent to undo the effects.


The last status ailment is the Curse which reduces your maximum HP. To cure it, you will need to use the Purified Salve.

Buying Cures

While you can find the cures listed above in different regions, there is a quick way to get them. You can head over to Dr. Norah in Ward 13 and purchase them for a measly amount of Scrap. We recommend stocking up on some of these since you do not know where you will end up in Remnant 2.

Lastly, you can always reset at a World Stone to completely remove any and all status ailments on you. However, this only works if you do not have any enemies nearby.

This is everything we have got on how to cure status ailments in Remnant 2. If there is anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know in the comments down below!


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