Simulacrum is one of many Upgrade Materials in Remnant 2. You need it to Upgrade Relics such as Dragon Heart which makes it incredibly valuable. Sadly, it is an extremely rare item. It is entirely possible to reach the endgame with only a couple of Simulacrum. There are, however, a few ways that you can use to get plenty of Simulacrum in Remnant 2. Keep on reading to find out more.


Remnant 2 Simulacrum

As mentioned earlier, Simulacrum is an exceptionally rare material. Below, we have discussed some ways using which you can get some Simulacrum in Remnant 2:

Explore Worlds

The most way to stockpile some Simulacrum is to explore different Worlds in Remnant 2. However, be warned that it has an abysmal drop-rate. It is entirely possible to complete the entirety of the game without seeing more than a few Simulacrums. Some of the places we have come across Simulacrum include N’erud, Yaesha, and Losomn.

Defeating Elites

Another way of getting your hands on some Simulacrum is to defeat Elite enemies. These encounters can get a little challenging so be sure to prepare accordingly. Also, do note that it is not a confirmed drop.


Complete Boss Fights

Aside from Elites, you can also do some boss fights. Needless to say but bosses are far tougher than Elites but the rewards are worth it. Before you tackle these bosses, make sure you are running Upgraded Weapons, Relics, and play with friends if you are comfortable solo.

Purchase from Cass

Cass is a vendor at Ward 13 from whom you can actually purchase Simulacrum for 1,500 Scrap. It is probably the easiest way to get some Simulacrum.

Infinite Farming Method

Before we begin, please note that the info. provided below uses an unintended glitch. There is a good possibility that it will get patched in a future patch. Take advantage of it while you can.

Aside from Simulacrum, you can also expect to get some other Upgrade Materials such as Scrap, Lumenite Crystals, and Corrupted Lumenite Crystals.


Solo Farm

To begin, you need to reroll Adventure Mode until you get to Morrow Parish, Losomn. Rush through the zone to enter either Great Sewer or Cotton’s Kiln. Once you have defeated the boss, head inside the Asylum and look for three potential areas where the Simulacrum can appear. These are:

  • In the cellar on the left side of the stairs.
  • Inside the shack holding Ripsaw.
  • On the top floor balcony. You will need the key found inside the Ripsaw shack.

Once you have done that, return to Ward 13 and repeat.

Party Farm

If you are in a co-op, this farm is even faster. You will need to have one player use the High-Five emote near the gate while another player presses ‘E’ to get inside. Once everyone is inside, search the locations shared above to get your Simulacrum. While you are there, try to kill the Corrupted Ripsaw if you spawn it to get some Corrupted Lumenite Crystals on the side.

Assuming you farmed it to Upgrade Dragon Heart, you will need to head over to Wallace near the Docks in Ward 13 to begin. However, do note that you will also need Lumenite Crystals and Scrap to do that.


This should help you find Simulacrum in Remnant 2. If there is anything that you would like to add, be sure to let us know in the comments below!


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