Remnant 2 has very challenging boss fights and Shrewd is a ranged boss that can deal melee damage as well. The boss is very tricky to deal with since it can deal damage from afar, summon minions and even inflict Root Rot. In this Remnant 2 guide, we go over how you can defeat Shrewd including his attacks and strategies to counter them.


How To Beat Shrewd In Remnant 2

The main strategy for the Shrewd boss fight in Remnant to is to attack him while he is on one of the ledges. Use the tree in the center to take cover from his ranged attacks. Avoid the pool of Root Rot that forms after the arrow volleys and destroy the eggs as soon as they appear in order to keep minions from spawning. The following is a breakdown of the boss encounter.

Arrow Attacks

Shrewd can hit you with arrows from one of the three raised cliff edges in the arena. There is an audio cue for the attack which will help you. The boss also shoots arrows into the air and once they hit the ground, they create a pool of Root Rot. There is a tree in the center of the arena that you can use as cover from arrow attacks.

Remnant 2 Shrewd

Melee Attacks

After the arrow volleys, the boss will teleport toward you. You will need to be quick in this phase since the melee attacks do deal a lot of damage and are rather quick. After a few attacks, Shrewd will go back to the ledge.


Destroy The Eggs

Once Shrewd goes back onto the ledge, eggs will spawn from the ground and you will only have a couple of seconds to destroy them. Fail to do so and enemies will come out of them and you will need to deal with them as well. Remember to reload your weapon as soon as the boss teleports and destroy the eggs before more enemies can spawn.

Avoid Root Rot

Root Rot causes you to cough every 10 seconds which interrupts your attacks. You also lose your stamina. The cure for Root Rot is Oilskin Balm, which can be bought from Reggie in Ward 13 once you have found it in a random chest in Yaesha. Bedel the Vaunnt sells the Rotward ring for 500 scrap that prevents the build-up of Root Rot.

This is how you can defeat Shrewd in Remnant 2. To learn more check out our beginner’s guide for some useful tips and tricks. You can also check out our guide on how you can upgrade relics.