Lumenite Crystal is an Upgrade Material in Remnant 2. It is needed to upgrade things such as Dragon Heart, Special Weapons, and even craft some Mods. Needless to say but it is a pretty important item in the game. It is a good idea to have a stockpile of Lumenite Crystals for when you need them. In this guide, we have shared some tips to help you farm some Lumenite Crystals in Remnant 2.


Remnant 2 Lumenite Crystals Farming

Below, we have outlined all the different ways that you can use to farm some easy Lumenite Crystals in Remnant 2:

Defeat Elites

Probably the best way to get Lumenite Crystals is by defeating some Elites. These enemies act as a bridge between normal enemies and bosses. While not on par with bosses, these can get pretty challenging if you are not careful enough. Once defeated, these enemies are sure to drop some Lumenite Crystals.

Adventure Mode

If you are taking a break from Campaign, you should definitely give Adventure Mode a go! This mode basically lets you replay areas without worrying about the story. What this means is that you can farm Elites over and over again until you have your desired stockpile of Lumenite Crystals.


Buy from Cass!

Probably the easiest method to get some Lumenite Crystals, especially if you have got a lot of Scrap lying around. To do that, you will need to find an NPC named Cass in Ward 13. She sells 1x Lumenite Crystal for 300 Scrap which is not the best price out there but if you really need them, this is a guaranteed method.

This is all we have got on how to farm Lumenite Crystals in Remnant 2. If there is anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know in the comments down below!


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