In Remnant 2, one of the first bosses you might encounter is the formidable Legion. This boss, with its floating circle for a head, moves around the arena and bombards you with red Rot orbs while you’re under attack by additional enemies. This guide is here to help you defeat Legion in Remnant 2 and progress to more significant challenges.


It’s likely that Legion will best you a few times before you get the hang of its patterns, and having to restart the level from scratch is no one’s idea of a good time. So, make sure you rest at the Checkpoint before you step through the gate and face the boss.

Remnant 2 Legion Boss Fight Guide

The best strategy to beat Legion in Remnant 2 doesn’t depend on your chosen Archetype. One thing that can give you a significant advantage in this boss fight is the Hot Shot weapon mod. If you didn’t select Hot Shot as your initial Weapon Mod, don’t fret, Legion can still be defeated without it.

If you’re armed with Hot Shot, I recommend you equip it on your rifle. As soon as the boss’ health bar shows up on the screen, activate Hot Shot and aim your fire at the floating circle above Legion’s body. This is Legion’s weak point, and targeting it can help you deplete a significant portion of Legion’s health in the initial moments of the battle.

Weak Spot of Legion in Remnant 2.

Once you’ve landed a few shots on Legion, it’s crucial to stay alert to its attacks and the additional enemies in the vicinity. Legion’s body will unleash a red shock wave that can inflict substantial damage. To evade it, you need to time your roll perfectly.

Keep an eye out for when Legion turns a reddish hue and launches red Rot orbs in your direction. Also, be ready to deal with exploding enemies and other monsters that will rush at you.

Here’s the best strategy to beat Legion:

  1. Deal the enemy monsters.
  2. Position yourself on the upper right side of the room.
  3. Fire at Legion when it turns red.
  4. Move left and right and take cover behind the columns to dodge the red Rot orbs.
  5. Brace yourself for the red shockwave attack.
  6. Leap over the shockwave and resume firing at Legion.
  7. The enemy monsters will reappear after every red shockwave, so prioritize dispatching them first. Be particularly cautious of the ones that explode.
  8. Repeat this sequence until Legion is defeated.

Remnant 2 Legion Boss Fight Video Guide

While it may take some time to get used to Legion’s attacks and learn how to dodge them effectively, once you’ve mastered the pattern, defeating Legion becomes a manageable task. Stick to the sequence of actions outlined above, and you’ll soon find yourself victorious. With Legion defeated, you can now set your sights on the next boss, Root Nexus.


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