In Remnant 2, you’ll find yourself in Yaesha, faced with a tricky puzzle in The Lament area. This puzzle, known as the Lament Dial Puzzle, involves a dial of four concentric rings covered in symbols, along with several shrouded bodies in a burial chamber. But don’t worry, solving this puzzle is worth the effort as you’ll walk away with a weapon mutator, a ring, and a set of armor.


How to Solve Lament Dial Puzzle in Remnant 2

Upon arriving at the Lament, you’ll notice a group of coffins, each marked with a distinct symbol. Above these coffins, you’ll find bodies draped in blankets. At the top of this area, there’s a dial, also known as a plinth, bearing the same symbols as those on the coffins.

Your adventure begins with a thorough exploration of the Lament. Your goal is to find a book that randomly spawns in various locations around the area. This book is the only way to solve the Lament Dial puzzle. The first page of the book features a unique symbol, different from those found on the coffins. This symbol, along with its color variations, is randomized, meaning you’ll need to find the book to determine the active symbol in your game.

Once you’ve identified the active symbol, return to the coffins. Your task is to identify the four blankets bearing the symbol from the book. Remember the symbols above these specific coffins – these are the clues you need to solve the puzzle.


With the four symbols in hand, head back to the dial. Input these symbols in any order. If you’ve done it correctly, the door ahead will swing open, revealing a path to a valuable item.

But wait, there’s more! Continue deeper into this area to spot another coffin below a balcony. To reach this coffin, you must locate a small hole in the side of the rooms, navigate some tunnels, and creep behind a wall to find a key. With the key in hand, you can unlock a nearby door, granting you access to the coffin. Inside, you’ll find a full armor set called the Red Widow.

Lament Dial Puzzle Rewards – Remnant 2

You’ll get a World Shard, a mutator, a ring on the balcony, and potentially a quest item for solving the Lament Dial puzzle. Due to the random nature of Remnant 2’s levels, your reward might be slightly different, but in our game, we received the Overdrive Mutator and the Blood Tinged Ring.

Lament Dial Puzzle Video Guide

And there you have it! You’ve successfully solved the Lament Dial Puzzle in Remnant 2. Need help with other puzzles? Here’s our guide on the Harp Puzzle Solution.



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