One of the primary choices that you will need to make in The Awakened King is whether to kill Nimue or the One True King. Similar to the main campaign, your choice basically determines which rewards you get in the end. In this guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about whether you should kill Nimue or the One True King in Remnant 2 — The Awakened King.


Killing the One True King

If you decide to side with Nimue and kill the One True King, you will get a material that you can trade at Ava McCabe at Ward-13 to receive the Wrathbringer which comes with the Awakening mod which increases the Melee Damage by 5% based on damage you take for 10 seconds. You can also return to Nimue after defeating the One True King to get the Jewel of the Beholden Ring which increases Mod Damage by 15% for 10 seconds after a Relic.

Killing Nimue

In case you choose to listen to the One True King, you will kill Nimue who will not resist in the slightest. Once she dies, she will drop the Broken Heart relic which fixes your HP to 50% but with double usage speed. After you return to the One True King, he will appreciate the deed but also try to kill you because he does not trust you in any capacity.

You can defeat him to obtain a material that you can bring to Ava McCabe in Ward-13 for the Monarch Long Gun. It comes with a Harpoon that marks enemies, causing your shots to become Homing Rounds that deal 15% less damage. However, enemies hit by these rounds continues to build Influence — once full, it reloads the weapon with infinite reserves while granting 20% damage increase for 20 seconds.

We hope this helped you choose between the One True King or Nimue in Remnant 2 — The Awakened King. For more help on the game, be sure to see our detailed Remnant 2 wiki page.