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Remnant 2: How To Find Acidic Jawbone And Craft Gas Giant


Finding the Acidic Jawbone in Remnant 2, a coveted crafting material, requires a strategic approach. This item is essential for crafting the unique Gas Giant melee weapon, which releases toxic gas during combat.

To get the Acidic Jawbone in Remnant 2 you’ll need to face Tal-Ratha (Metaphysical). This unique item is your only way to crafting the Gas Giant melee weapon, an item for players looking to add a touch of toxic prowess to their combat abilities in Remnant 2.

Tal-Ratha (Metaphysical) Location in Remnant 2.

Tal-Ratha (Metaphysical) Location

Tal-Ratha can be encountered in the N’Erud region, specifically in the Forgotten Prison. This area is replete with challenges and puzzles that lead up to the confrontation with Tal-Ratha. Keep an eye out for environmental clues and be ready for a fight when you reach his lair.

Note: It’s better to do this boss fight with friends in coop.

How To Beat Tal-Ratha (Metaphysical)

Beating Tal-Ratha (Metaphysical) demands agility and an understanding of its moves. Here is a list of Tal-Ratha’s attacks and how to counter them:

  • Starlight Beam: When Tal-Ratha charges his right hand, anticipate a beam attack and dodge to either side to avoid the damage.
  • Teleport Slam: If Tal-Ratha growls and vanishes, expect him to reappear above you and slam the ground. Move away quickly to evade the area-of-effect damage.
  • Black Ichor: Tal-Ratha will unleash a barrage of black projectiles from his mouth. Position yourself strategically to sidestep this attack.
  • Teleport Melee: When he teleports to your location, he’ll execute a melee combo. Move away as soon as he teleports to avoid this assault.
  • Star Shower: Dodge continuously as Tal-Ratha summons stars that crash down upon his enemies.
  • Charge: He will attempt to consume you with a charging attack. Teleport or dodge to the side to escape this maneuver and trigger the chance to obtain the Acidic Jawbone.

This was just a summary of the boss fight, if you want the entire rundown visit our full Tal-Ratha boss fight guide.

Tal Ratha All Choices: Join vs Not Join

In the battle with Tal Ratha in Remnant 2, players must make a crucial decision that impacts not just the battle outcome but also the rewards they receive. In N’Erud, you will be tasked with collecting Soul Sparks. Once collected, you can access the area where Tal Ratha awaits you as the World Boss​​.

  • Killing Tal Ratha: If you decide to fight and kill Tal Ratha, you’ll be rewarded with standard loot plus Spiced Bile. This item can be used to craft the Nebula handgun​​.
  • Being Eaten by Tal Ratha: Opting to be eaten will lead to a fight with Tal Ratha (Metaphysical). It’s noted as a manageable fight if you master dodging his attacks and projectiles. Defeating him after being eaten rewards you with the Acidic Jawbone, used to craft the Gas Giant melee weapon​​.

What to Do With Acidic Jawbone

Once you’ve claimed the Acidic Jawbone from Tal-Ratha, it’s time to put it to good use. Take it to McCabe, who can craft the Gas Giant melee weapon for you. This weapon is not just a trophy from your victory but also a practical tool in your arsenal, capable of releasing a toxic gas that can give you the upper hand in battles to come.

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