Gwendil: The Unburnt is a formidable boss located in the Losomn (Dran) region of Remnant 2. This guide will provide you with all the necessary strategies and tips to overcome this challenging adversary.


The boss fight takes place in an area where Gwendil, along with her allies, are positioned on elevated walls that are inaccessible to you. Your best strategy is to maneuver around the periphery of these structures, taking shots at Gwendil when the opportunity presents itself. You can also traverse the center of the arena, but this exposes you to attacks from multiple directions. It’s generally safer to stick to the ed

How to Beat Remnant 2 Gwendil The Unburnt Boss Fight

Gwendil’s primary form of attack involves hurling explosive bombs with remarkable precision. These bombs detonate on impact, causing a small fire explosion. When Gwendil throws multiple bombs simultaneously, it’s your cue to move swiftly to evade the blast radius.

Attack TypeDefensive Strategy
Single Grenade: Gwendil launches a lone grenade towards your position.Maintain mobility on the battlefield, avoid staying stationary. You can shoot the grenade while she’s preparing to throw it, causing it to explode in her hand and inflict damage.
Grenade Salvo: Gwendil leans back and simultaneously tosses 5 grenades, resulting in a larger area of impact compared to her single grenade attack.The moment she leans back, keep moving. Ensure you’re constantly on the move to stay clear of the explosion.

Fire Damage

Gwendil’s attacks inflict fire damage, which can cause the Burn debuff, gradually depleting your health. Before engaging Gwendil, consider enhancing your resistance to fire damage at Ward 13. The Bruiser armor set, for instance, provides a significant boost against fire damage. If you catch fire during the battle, perform a dodge roll to extinguish the flames faster.


Clear the Way

Maintain a safe distance from Gwendil and eliminate grunt enemies as soon as they appear. Also, keep an eye out for Gwendil’s allies on the buildings as they respawn over time. Clearing the area allows you to focus your efforts on Gwendil.

Shoot and Run

Stay mobile throughout the fight to avoid Gwendil’s bombs. Once you’re in a safe position, take aim at Gwendil, targeting her head for extra damage if possible. An effective strategy is to shoot the bomb she’s holding before she throws it. This causes the bomb to explode in her hand, dealing significant damage to her and preventing the bomb from reaching you.

With patience and careful strategy, you can overcome Gwendil: The Unburnt in Remnant 2. Your victory will be rewarded with a Trait Point and some Alkahest Powder.

Remember, this battle requires a balance of offense and defense. Keep moving, stay alert, and seize every opportunity to strike.


Gwendil Drops

You get the following rewards for beating Gwendil: The Unburnt in Remnant 2.

  • x4 Lumenite Crystal
  • Tome of Knowledge
  • Alkahest Powder
  • Scrap

Remnant 2 Gwendil The Unburnt Boss Fight Video Guide

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