In Remnant 2, skills, classes, and perks play a pivotal role in shaping your gameplay experience. While the game is designed with a multiplayer experience in mind, solo play is not only viable but can also be a thrilling adventure. This guide will provide insights into the best solo class build in Remnant 2, focusing on the best class, skills, and perks for solo players.


The Best Solo Build In Remnant 2: The Handler

While all archetypes in Remnant 2 are viable for solo play, the Handler is the best for solo players. This pet class comes equipped with a dog that not only deals extra damage but also draws enemy attention away from you. The dog can even revive you sometimes, provided you have an extra Relic available.

The Handler’s unique archetype trait, Kinship, reduces friendly-fire damage as you level up the class. This trait is particularly useful as you’ll often be targeting the same enemies as your dog, and accidental hits are inevitable.

Overview Of All The Handler Skills and Perks

Best FriendRelicActivating a Relic completely rejuvenates your ally’s health, bestowing them with a 25% damage boost and a 35% resistance to damage for a duration of 15 seconds.
BondedPrimeIf the Handler is down, your dog will revive them, restoring 50% of their maximum health. This can also be used to revive teammates.
Pack HunterDamageEnjoy a 30% increase in ranged and skill damage, along with a 5% boost in ranged and skill critical hit chances when your companion is active and within a 25-meter radius.
Spirit of the WolfTeamEnhances movement speed by 10%. Any allies within a 10-meter radius will match the Handler’s speed if it’s faster. Additionally, it reduces the stamina expenditure for all actions by 15% for all teammates.
TeamworkUtilityBoth the Handler and the ally benefit from a 30% faster revival speed. During the revival process, they take 25% less damage, and the ally experiences a reduction in stagger by -1.
Attack DogYour companion accompanies you, receiving a 20% damage boost. A single button press directs the companion to a specific location, while a double press summons them back to your side. Holding down the button amplifies damage by 20% for all allies within a 20-meter radius.
Guard DogYour dog trails behind you, attracting 15% more threat and reducing all incoming damage by 20%. A single button press prompts your companion to confront enemies at a given location, while a double press calls the dog back to you. Holding down the command triggers a howl that lessens damage by 15% for all allies within a 20-meter radius and increases your companion’s threat level.
Support DogYour companion tags along with you, steadily healing allies within a 3.5-meter radius at a rate of 0.25% of maximum health per second. A single button press instructs your companion to engage enemies near a location. A double press calls the companion back to your side, and holding down the button provides a 2% health regeneration per second and a 25% speed boost to all allies within a 20-meter radius.

Best Skills And Perks For The Handler Solo Build

The Handler’s dog companion makes solo play feel like a two-player game. You can command the dog using “Attack Dog” skill to attack specific targets and utilize its three unique skills that significantly aid in combat. Combine the Attack Dog skill with “Guard Dog” skill. Guard Dog allows you to reduce incoming damage by 20% while raising enemy awareness by 15%. However, since you have your dog with you, increased enemy awareness isn’t a problem as you can command the dog to attack using Attack Dog.

Note: At the start of the game you only get access to one skill so choose Attack Dog. As you level up you can unlock the other two skills but select Guard Dog as your second skill unlock.

As for the best Perks for The Handler, Bounded is a must have for your solo build. Dog companions will be able to revive you whenever you’re downed while restoring 50% health. For a solo player, Bound Perk is a solid choice for The Handler build so invest in it first before unlocking other perks.

The next perk that you should unlock for your solo build is Pack Hunter. If will boost ranged and skill damage by 30% so this perk perfectly compliments Attack Dog skill

Best Secondary Archetypes for The Handler

So, as you get further into the game, you’ll unlock the cool feature of adding a Secondary Archetype, which is like having a second class. This Secondary Archetype gets all the same perks as your main one (you can pick one Archetype Skill from three options, a Trait, and so on), but you can’t grab a Prime Perk from it.

The name of your class will depend on the Archetypes you’ve got in your two slots. This way, other players can get a sense of what you’re playing with and how you might be strategizing.

Now, leveling up your Secondary Archetype is a whole different ball game from your Prime Archetype. For instance, even if your main class is sitting pretty at level 6, your Secondary Archetype will start from scratch at level 1 when you equip it. The cool thing is, you can choose any Archetype as your secondary, which means there’s a ton of different class combinations and build options. We’ll drop more info about Dual Archetypes here when we know more.

While any secondary archetype complements the Handler well, the Medic and Summoner are worth considering. The Medic allows you to maintain high health and further buff your character, enhancing survivability during solo play. The Summoner, another pet class, enables you to summon additional creatures to assist in battle, making handling groups of enemies significantly easier.

Summoner Solo Build

  • Primary Class: Summoner
  • Secondary Archetypes: Engineer or Medic. Engineer complements the summoning style with a turret for additional firepower, while Medic enhances survivability in solo play

Best Weapons

Chicago Typewriter, ideally equipped with the Rootlast and Bandit mods. This weapon excels in sustained fire, allowing you to deal with multiple enemies effectively. As a Secondary, you can use Western Classic with the Space Crabs mod. This handgun is useful for its versatility and handling of different combat scenarios

Best Skills And Perks

Minion: Flyer, which summons Root Flyer minions that deal more damage the more they attack enemies. As your secondary still I recommend Heavy Weapon: Vulcan, to deploy a Vulcan’s Cannon Turret that automatically targets nearby enemies.

Best Armor And Equipment

  • Armor: Leto Mark II armor set. It provides robust defense, allowing you to focus on summoning and supporting from a safer position.
  • Relic: Runed Heart Relic for regeneration and mod power enhancement, crucial for maintaining your summons and skill.

Best Rings

  • Full Moon Circlet: Increases damage when healed and grants Life Steal on ranged attacks.
  • Anastasija’s Inspiration: Provides a Haste boost when healed.
  • Soul Link: Grants your summons 5% lifesteal, which also heals you.
  • Cataloger’s Jewel: Increases mod power generation.
  • Heart of the Wolf: Boosts maximum stamina and movement speed.

Best Traits

Use Ammo Reserves, Fortify, Regrowth, Vigor, Endurance, Spirit, Expertise, Barkskin, Siphoner. These traits collectively enhance ammo capacity, armor effectiveness, health regeneration, maximum HP and stamina, mod power regeneration, skill cooldown reduction, damage reduction, and lifesteal​.

Build Tips

  • Focus on balancing summoning and personal combat efficiency.
  • Utilize your summons to control the battlefield, drawing enemy attention and dealing damage.
  • Support your summons with ranged fire and utilize your turret strategically.
  • Maintain your health and mod power through the chosen gear and traits.

This build is designed to maximize the Summoner’s ability to control the battlefield with summons while ensuring personal survivability and combat effectiveness in solo play. It offers a balance of offense, defense, and utility, making it a powerful choice for solo adventurers in Remnant 2.