Without including the DLC, Remnant 2 has 50 achievements or trophies that you need to earn in order to platinum the game. Some of these trophies can be unlocked by playing through the game and are unmissable, while others can be missed. In this Remnant 2 guide, we go over all the trophies and achievements that you need to get to complete the game 100% and include all the hidden ones.


All Remnant 2 Trophies And Achievements

The following are all the trophies and achievements in Remnant 2 that you need to unlock to complete the game 100%:

AchievementsHow To Get
Expanding HorizonsCraft a Non-Starter Weapon Mod
CraftyCraft 15 Weapon Mods
Only HumanDefeat a Boss in Single-Player Without Taking Any Damage
Not so Special NowDefeat 100 Special Enemies
Quest for SurvivalDefeat a World Boss
First of ManyChoose Your First Archetype
DualitySlot a Second Archetype
Top PerformerReach Level 10 on Any Archetype
Was This Supposed to Happen?Acquire a World Boss’s Alternate Reward (defeating a boss a second time)
Boss’n UpCraft a Boss Weapon
StrappedGet 15 Guns
The TriggerGet 30 Guns
EdgelordGet 10 Melee Weapons
Cutting EdgeGet 20 Melee Weapons
The CollectorGet 10 relics
Scrap CollectorGet 50,000 Scrap
Scrap HoarderGet 100,000 Scrap
Not Your Average TraitObtain a Non-Start Trait
All These Traits…Get 10 traits
Proving GroundsGet 20 traits
The Ultimate WeaponUpgrade a Boss Weapon to +10
Almost ThereUpgrade a Boss Weapon to +5
Make Some RoomUpgrade Relic Capacity
Good, but Could be Better!Upgrade a Standard Weapon to +10
No One Should Have All That PowerUpgrade a Standard Weapon 10 +20
Trait ChaserUpgrade any Trait to 10

All Hidden Achievements And Trophies In Remnant 2

The following are all the achievements and trophies in Remnant 2 that are hidden:

AchievementsHow To Get
Am I Seeing This?Defeat 10 Aberrations
Ghost in the MachineDefeat 25 Aberrations
ChaosDefeat the Ravager
Gleaming the CubeDefeat the Labyrinth Boss
TraitorDefeat the Fae Imposter
Forever is a Long Time ComingDefeat the Final Boss
Power SurgeDefeat Guardian of the N’Erud
The Killing JarDefeat the Root Mantis
The God GambitDefeat Many Faces
Dark DesignsDefeat the Nightweaver
Madman’s ParadiseDefeat Tal’Ratha
Red RoomDiscover a Blood Moon Room
The AgendaDiscover Leto’s Stash
Not a JanitorMeet the Custodian
Familiar FaceMeet the Flautist
Equal MeasuresReceive an Alignment from Meidra
Tall TalesListen to all of Mudtooth’s Stories (until he runs out of stories)
Blue GoddessMeet Nimue
Shhh… It’s a SecretObtain a Secret Archetype (secret Engineer Archetype)
Bad Moon RisingCraft an item at the Blood Moon Altar
The WebObtain an item from the Nightweaver’s Web
Carnage in C-MinorPlay a Secret Song on the Water Harp
Maxed Out!Acquire the Max Number of Traits Points
TransmutateUpgrade a Weapon Mutator to +10

These are all the achievements and trophies that you can earn in Remnant 2, including the ones that you can potentially miss. If you are interested in learning more about the game, then you can check out our guide on how you can unlock the invader class. You can also check out our guide on how you can beat Tal’Ratha.



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