So, you’re playing Remnant 2 and you’ve stumbled upon the Abomination. This boss is a real piece of work, a massive, rolling nightmare that steamrolls over everything in its path. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. This guide is here to give you the lowdown on how to defeat Abomination in Remnant 2.


Where to Find Abomination

The Abomination is a major boss located in the Putrid Domain Dungeon of N’Erud. Encountering this boss is straightforward:

  1. Starting Point: Players starting in N’Erud often run into the Abomination shortly after leaving the initial area.
  2. Navigating the Dungeon: The Abomination awaits at the end of the Putrid Domain Dungeon. After moving through narrow, cramped tunnels, you’ll enter a large, open space signaling the boss room.
  3. Initiating the Battle: No special items are required to engage the Abomination. Upon entering its chamber, the boss dramatically drops down from one of the circular pipes in the room, marking the commencement of the fight.
  4. Rewards for Victory: Defeating the Abomination yields valuable rewards, including a Lumenite Crystal, Scrap, a Tome Of Knowledge, and the Mutated Growth. This Mutated Growth can be transformed into the Bore Weapon Mod, a highly effective tool in combat. The Bore fires a drill-like projectile that, upon embedding in an enemy, amplifies damage dealt to that point and can significantly enhance ranged critical hits when lodged in a weak spot.

After defeating the Abomination, it reappears in subsequent areas as a regular enemy type, adding a recurring challenge in the game.

How to Beat Abomination in Remnant 2

You might be thinking, “Can I really take down this beast?” The answer is a resounding yes! But you’ll need a solid game plan. Here’s how to go about it:

After you’ve caught your breath at the last checkpoint of Domain of Depravity 2, head straight and follow the corridor. The Abomination is lurking behind a foggy barricade. As soon as you step through, the boss fight kicks off. Start shooting at the Abomination right away. It’ll try to knock you down, so make sure to dodge to the left just in time.

The fight isn’t a walk in the park. You’ll face two main hurdles: a lack of ammunition and the Abomination’s non-stop movement. From phase 2 onwards, the Abomination boss starts rolling and tossing small bombs your way.

The Abomination boss in Remnant 2 presents a unique challenge due to its substantial health bar and resilience to damage. However, targeting its weak points is key to defeating this formidable foe.

As the Abomination rapidly rolls around the arena, you’ll notice metallic components embedded in its body. These include large plates and explosive canisters. Targeting these inorganic parts is crucial. When hit sufficiently, these components detonate, inflicting significant damage, staggering the Abomination, and revealing its vulnerable core. This moment is your opportunity to unleash as much damage as possible, focusing on these exposed weak points for maximum effect.

The arena itself contains additional explosive canisters embedded in the ground, which can be utilized to your advantage. The Abomination also throws out explosive canisters during its attack phases. Leveraging these environmental elements effectively can turn the tide of the battle.

The battle with the Abomination involves a cyclical pattern. After sustaining damage, the boss retreats into overhead pipes, partially healing and resetting its protective plates. This cycle repeats until the Abomination is finally defeated. Though the process is straightforward, the boss’s attacks and summoned minions add complexity to the fight, requiring vigilance and strategic maneuvering throughout the battle.

Abomination Attacks And Counters

Dealing with the Abomination in Remnant 2 requires an understanding of its distinct attack patterns. These aren’t overly complex but can be quite troublesome if not handled correctly.

Telekinetic Throw: The most significant threat comes from its telekinetic throw. The Abomination teleports into the air and uses its power to levitate and hurl objects at you. While these can be shot or dodged, using the room’s two pillars as a shield is often more effective, especially when quick destruction of these objects is not feasible.

Telekinetic Throw

Body Slam: Another dangerous move is the body slam. This attack is telegraphed by the Abomination leaping high into the air and then slamming down, creating a substantial area-of-effect impact. The best defense against this is to run in the opposite direction as soon as you see it preparing to jump.

Charging Attack: The Abomination also exhibits a charging attack, moving around the arena like a massive, unstoppable force. This attack follows a fixed direction, making it possible to dodge, but its rapid succession means you need to be constantly aware of its movements to avoid being hit from behind.

Minion Summoning: At around half health, the Abomination begins to summon minions. While these minions are relatively weak, they can be a source of ammunition. Efficiently taking them out with headshots and then refocusing on the boss is a practical approach.

Understanding and responding to these attack patterns with agility and strategic positioning is key to overcoming the Abomination in Remnant 2.

How to Deal With Zombies

The second phase of the fight introduces “zombies,” but they’re more of a distraction than a threat. They’re slow and often get crushed by the Abomination itself. So, don’t waste your precious bullets on them. Focus on Abomination’s weak spots while moving around the arena. If you’re playing solo, I recommend The Handler class build for this boss fight.

That’s all you need to know on how to defeat Abomination boss in Remnant 2.