Remedy Control Abilities Upgrade Guide – How to Upgrade Abilities

Control Abilities upgrade

One of the bizarre Supernatural games, Control, is out right now thanks to Remedy Entertainment. The lead character posses a range of different Supernatural abilities and each ability can be upgraded which helps you get more out of your gameplay. In fact, in some cases, it is crucial that you upgrade your abilities.

Control abilities upgrade guide will help you understand how to upgrade abilities and why you should do it.

Control Abilities Upgrade

The entire gameplay design revolves around supernatural abilities. Each ability is different but with an underlying similarity, Telekinesis. You can manipulate space-time,  pick up objects, smash throw objects and walls, and be creative with how you use your abilities by mixing them up.

How to Upgrade Abilities

Before you are able to upgrade your abilities in Control you will have access to a couple. Upgrading is tied to cleansing Control Points. Around two hours into the game, you will encounter Control Points and once you get access to them, the entire Control Skill Tree becomes accessible.

In the skill tree, you can unlock different abilities and upgrade them with ability points. Early upgrades will cost 1-2 points but the cost will rise for more advanced upgrades. The most you expensive upgrade costs 4 ability points. You can earn these points by completing various activities in the game. The more you play the more you get.

Why You Should Upgrade Abilities

You can play the entire game with minimum upgrades but it is best to unlock and upgrade as much as possible. The more powerful you become the more fun Control is to play. Abilities such as Launch and Smash are amazing. Plus, upgrading Launch ability lets you pick up heavier objects such as humans, forklifts, and much more.

This is the end of our Control Ability Upgrade Guide, if you need more help with Control, check out our guides section.