Anthem has had its fair share of issues ever since it first released. Sony and many other companies have been reluctant to refund players that bought the game. But it seems there is hope for disgruntled fans after all, at least in AUS.


An Australian gamer revealed that players can refund Anthem thanks to Australian consumer protections. On the basis of being faulty and defective. This includes re-disconnects, load times, errors, auto shutdown/database rebuild problem to name a few. Not to mention that the trailers that EA showed at E3 2017 and 2018 are fakes and are unlike the actual game at launch.

The mentioned gamer bought Anthem at launch and just a few days ago asked Sony for a refund. Not to my surprise, the refund request got denied. He then checked whether it was eligible for a refund by Australian consumer protection law. It turns out that he is eligible and so are you. He later contact Sony and mentioned the consumer protection and as expected, Sony had to comply. He contacted Sony again and mentioned that he would take things up with the authorities if he did not get his refund. It took 2 weeks for the request to go through but he did get his money back.

The Reddit user voiced his concerns and mentioned the following:

I have been ripped off by a few games… No Man’s Sky was a real eye opener for me and I hope everyone understands that just because its policy doesn’t make it legal. Often companies will deny claims outright until you demonstrate you know your rights.

Anthem ticked a lot of boxes for me and while I expected hiccups…. what we got wasn’t even close to acceptable, and not much has been done to improve the situation. Sad to see such potential lost.

Earlier, we learned that Amazon had also given refunds for Anthem after buyers mentioned how the trailer was misleading and it’s a broken product.

At this point, it is clear that the developers are having a hard time fixing the game. Most of the talent pool is working on other BioWare games. It is time to get a refund, at least try to.

Source: Reddit