Pollution is one of the mechanics in Humankind that you want to avoid. If you do not keep the pollution of your city in check then it is going to die and the game is going to end. In this Humankind guide, we are going to walk you through how you can reduce pollution.

Ways To Reduce Pollution In Humankind

In order to reduce pollution, you can use technology such as Renewable Energy or Hydroelectric Dams. You can also use industries that produce less pollution. Furthermore, you can plant forests to reduce the city pollution by 10.

How Does Pollution Work In Humankind?

Pollution is going to start to become a problem when you advance to the Industrial Era. It starts from specific structures and districts and then makes its way inside the city. There are two kinds of pollution in Humankind; global pollution and local pollution.

Global pollution is going to affect the food production of your city. It is also going to affect stability. Each empire contributes to this kind of pollution. Once this hits 100K the game will end as it triggers the “Rending the world unfit for human life” condition.

When global pollution is between 0-60K, it does not affect your city. When it hits the low stage which is between 60-80K, stability is decreased by 50% and food is decreased by 10%. When pollution goes past 80k, stability is reduced by 100%, and food production is reduced by 20%. This will also end the game.

Local pollution is caused by districts that have strong infrastructures. This does not affect your city when it is between 1-49 each turn. When this increases to more than 50 each turn then stability is decreased by 15%. Food, Faith, Influence, Science, and Money and reduced by 50% in all districts. When local pollution is higher than 125 each turn then stability is reduced by 20% and Food, Faith, Influence, Science, and Money are reduced by 100% in all districts.

This is how you can reduce pollution in Humankind. To learn more about the game you can check out our guide on how you can earn era stars. For more guides related to the game check out our Humankind guides hub.

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