Redfall is the new game from Arkane and Besthesda, and since Bethesda has a weird relationship with review copies, it is not surprising that the reviews went live so close to the actual release of the game. We did see some reviews published ahead of time, but those were few and far between. Since this has been an odd year for gaming with subpar PC ports and some games even having lackluster performance on consoles, we advise players to wait for reviews before buying games. Here is the review roundup for Redfall.

Redfall Review Roundup

COG Connected – 78

I had fun playing Redfall, both solo and with friends. There’s a definite Salem’s Lot vibe to a New England town oppressed by a vampire apocalypse. All the characters are interesting to play, and the monsters are varied. Still, Redfall does not revolutionize the open-world shooter or even really evolve Arkane Austin’s by-now familiar formula. Redfall feels like the product of a reliable game plan that’s due for an update.

COG Connected

PC Magazine

Redfall’s stylish vampire-hunting action attempts to inject new blood into an otherwise familiar open-world co-op shooter.

PC Magazine

Noisy Pixel – 4/10

The review was published ahead of time and was removed.

GameSpot – 4/10

Arkane takes a stab at infusing the genre du jour with its signature style, but the end results are a bloody mess.


Game Rant – 3.5/5

Redfall players are in for a fun time killing vampires, but little more than that can be said about the otherwise shallow experience.

Game Rant


One of the worst games I have played so far in 2023.



Good enough for Game Pass. This isn’t early access, but it sure feels like it.


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