There are 4 heroes that you can choose from in Redfall. Each hero has unique abilities that determines the role they fulfill in a team. Each hero ability in the game also has a skill-tree which further enhances the effectiveness of these abilities. This guide will provide a complete overview of all the hero abilities in Redfall.

Redfall Hero Abilities

Abilities in Redfall have cooldowns so you will need around those. As mentioned earlier, however, each ability in the game has some skills that can further enhance its effectiveness. For instance, some abilities get increased area-of-effect, increased duration, etc. A complete rundown of all the abilities can be found below:

Devinder Crousley Abilities

Redfall Devinder

When it comes to Devinder, technology is the name of the game. He can use multiple of his invention to mow down hordes of enemies. If there is one thing Devinder truly excels at, its his ability to provide crowd-control for the entire team. He is also fairly mobile, thanks to a Translocator device that he can use to quickly get in and out of an engagement. Below, you will find a quick overview of all his abilities:

Ability Effect
Arc Javelin You throw a Javelin that can stick to any surface. After landing, it chains lightning and shocks all enemies in the radius for 10 seconds.
Translocate You can throw a Translocater at any area of your choice and instantly teleported there. If you have played Overwatch, it is kind of like Sombra’s ‘E’ ability.
Blacklight You place a UV Emitter down that freezes enemies for a short duration.

Remi De La Rosa Abilities

Redfall Remi

What happens when you combine crowd-control with a lot of utility? You get Remi De La Rosa. This character can do a lot, provided it is in the right hands. This character cannot only clear hordes of enemy with a single ability, she can also create distractions so that your team has an element of surprise for difficult encounters. On top of that, her Ultimate Ability lets you establish a control point which not only heals everyone in it but also revives downed allies, easily one of the best abilities in the game. Her abilities are detailed below:

Ability Effect
C4 Charge As the name suggests, you throw a C4 Charge that can stick to any surface. The explosion has a pretty sizeable radius so a well-placed C4 Charge should easily be able to clear out a group.
Siren This is your typical distraction tool from other popular games out there. You send out your little robot companion to create noises that draws all nearby enemies to its location, allowing you to sneak past or defeat any unsuspecting enemies.
Mobilize You basically establish a control point which not only provides constant healing to every ally in its radius but also revives them.

Jacob Boyer Abilities

Redfall Jacob

If you do not like to get into the heart of battle but still prove immensely useful, you will love Jacob. He is essentially a scout who can roam around enemy territory without being seen, thanks to invisibility. He can also provide support by tagging every nearby enemies who then take increased damage from all sources. Lastly, he can use an auto-aim Sniper Rifle that is quite deadly. Try to have one of teammates run Jacob and see the difference he brings. His abilities include:

Ability Effect
Raven You send out a bird that can tag all the enemies in the vicinity. The tagged enemies also take extra damage from all sources.
Cloak When used, you are able to go invisible to all enemies for a short while.
Heartstopper For the Ultimate Ability, you receive a Sniper Rifle that auto-locks onto enemies and provides a lot of aim assist to make sure you land every shot.

Layla Ellison

Redfall Layla

Easily the most fun character you will play as in Redfall. Layla offers the team verticality, protects them from incoming damage, and can also summon an extra body to tilt the odds in your favor. Abilities that Layla brings to the table are detailed below:

Ability Effect
Lift You place a Telekinetic Elevator that you can use to gain a lot of verticality. This allows you to access rooftops to use as vantage points.
Umbrella You can use the Umbrella as a shield to protect everyone close to you from any incoming damage. Activating the ability again lets you to throw the Umbrella to deal damage to enemies in front of you.
Vampire Ex-Boyfriend For the Ultimate Ability, you summon a Vampire to fight alongside you for a short while.

These are all Hero Abilities in Redfall. If there is anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know in the comments down below!

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