Redfall has launched as a PC and Xbox exclusive with mixed reception from critics. There are four classes for players to choose from, each suiting a different play style. In this Redfall guide, we will help players with the best Stealth class for players who like to keep their heads down and take out Vampires without anyone noticing.

Best Stealth Class In Redfall

For those looking forward to taking out vampires in Redfall stealthily, playing as Jacob Boyer is recommended. Jacob used to be a former Special Forces sniper who now serves as a mercenary. He is perfect for players who prefer stealth.


Each class in Redfall has three unique abilities and Jacob is no different. These abilities make him the perfect match for stealthy players.


Using this ability, Jacob sends out a Raven that scouts the area ahead of the player and marks enemies. This is a very useful ability as it’ll help players track enemies which is helpful to keep themselves away from all-out gun-blazing action.

Upgrading the Rave ability, allows the Raven to find enemies and damage them. Furthermore, upgrading the ability, allows the Raven to bounce off walls to hit more enemies and deal more damage to enemies. Further upgrades will increase the damage dealt to marked or highlighted enemies.


This ability is self-explanatory. The Cloak ability allows players to turn invisible and avoid enemy attention. However, players can’t remain cloaked forever. There are limited shots that players can take before the Cloak effect is over.

Players can upgrade the Cloak ability to make its effect last longer. Another upgrade to the Cloak ability is to increase the damage while cloaked.

Players can further increase their damage while cloaked, however, doing so will cost you the duration of the cloak effect. Meaning, you deal high damage but the duration of the cloak gets shorter with every shot.


Heartstopper is Jacob’s ultimate ability that allows players to pull out a sniper which automatically locks on enemies and when they shoot, it only takes headshots like an aimbot. Heartstopper is useful to kill multiple enemies quickly with headshots.


Using these abilities, players can create a satisfying stealth loop where players send out the Raven and activate their cloak. The Raven marks enemies and players take them out without other enemies noticing. Try to take headshots to kill enemies quickly or in one shot. Since this is a stealth class, Jacob can’t take on multiple enemies at once. If Jacob gets surrounded, the best chance of survival is to use Cloak and get out of combat.

That is all for our Redfall guide with tips on the best Stealth class. For more on the game, also see our Hero Abilities Guide and How To Kill Vampires Easily Guide.

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