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Red Dead Redemption 2 Stagecoach Robberies Locations Guide

Stagecoach Robberies in Red Dead Redemption 2 might seem normal to you at first but there are 6 robberies in which stagecoach have a lot of money for you to steal. The “special” robberies can be done after you reach Chapter 3.

In the mission “Friends in Very Low Places” you will meet Alden and later you can meet Hector in Strawberry. Bribing the individuals for locations can be useful. They will tip-off whereabouts and other details. This Red Dead Redemption 2 Stagecoach Robberies Locations Guide include all the details on stagecoach robberies in RDR2.

There are a total of 6 stagecoach robberies in Red Dead Redemption 2:

Stagecoach Robbery #1

Talk to Alden and he will give some information. Check your inventory for the tip and read the document. After that, the location will be marked on the map and you will have to make your way to North Scarlett Meadows.

Upon arrival, wait for the stagecoach. You have two choices: quickly dispatch the guards or use a ruse to inspect the wheel, then swiftly eliminate them.

Once the guards are taken care of, carefully drive the stagecoach to Emerald Ranch Fence. The antiques inside are fragile, so drive slowly to avoid damage. Successfully park the coach in Seamus’s barn to receive your well-earned payment.

Note: Only missions accepted from Alden or Hector count towards the “Robberies” section of the 100% Progression Checklist. While you can rob any stagecoach for quick cash, these won’t contribute to 100% completion​​.

Stagecoach Robbery #2

Go to Alden in Rhodes to receive a new tip. Read the document and the location will be marked on the map and you will have to go to South Scarlett Meadows.

Upon arriving at the location and when the coach arrives kill the driver. After that, chase the passenger will try to run away. Beat him so that he tells you information about the hidden lootbox.

Go back to the coach and inspect under the coach to get the lootbox. After that drive the coach to Seamus’s barn to get additional $25.

Stagecoach Robbery #3

Go to Alden for his last tip-off and then read the document. The location will be marked on the map and you will have to make your way to the north of Rhodes.

Arrive at the location to see two coaches which are heavily guarded. Take them all out either from long range or close range.

Dead Eye can be very useful here as it as everywhere. After killing them, go to the back of the coaches to loot the lootboxes on each one. After that, drive one of the coaches to Seamus’s barn for some additional money.

Stagecoach Robbery #4

Head to Hector who is at the post office in Strawberry. He will give you the tip-off. Read the document for the location.

Now go to Fort Riggs and go to the cliff west of Riggs Station. This location can be perfectly for sniping. Wait for the coach to arrive and then take them all out and head to the coach or if sniping ain’t your style you can always get close and personal.

Get to the back of the coach and loot the lootbox for over a hundred bucks and then take the coach to Seamus’s barn for additional money.

Stagecoach Robbery #5

Head to Hector for the tip-off. Read the document and go to the marked location which is at Appleseed Timber. Same as usual upon arriving wait for the coach and then take out all the guards when it comes.

You can them out so that they lose their focus and you can fitness them by using Dead Eye or just go close and kill them all. Loot the lootbox at the back of the coach and then take the coach to Seamus’s barn for additional money.

Stagecoach Robbery #6

Head to Hector for the last stagecoach robbery and receive the tip-off. Read the document for the location and head to Owanjila.

This banking coach will be armored and you might need some dynamites just to be sure. Kill the drivers first then kill the guards either with the help of a dynamite or simply guns. After killing them, head to the coach and get the money.

You can also loot the dead bodies for a few bucks. Doing so will end the stagecoach robberies and end all the fun of robbing the coaches.

General Tips for Stagecoach Robberies

  1. Unlocking Robberies: After completing the mission “Friends in Very Low Places,” you can interact with Alden in Rhodes or Hector in Strawberry to buy tips for valuable coach-targets. These tips cost $2 and will mark the robbery location on your map​​.
  2. Approaching the Stagecoach: Once you reach the designated location, take out the riders and either shoot the driver or jump on the wagon to take control.
  3. Careful Driving: If you have fragile cargo, drive extra carefully to Emerald Ranch Fence near Seamus’s barn, so nothing slips off the carriage.
  4. Selling the Loot: Drive the coach into Seamus’ barn to sell it successfully and complete the robbery​​.
  5. Use Dead Eye: The game allows for different approaches to each robbery, including sniping from a distance or engaging in direct combat. Players should leverage Dead Eye for precision and control the situation according to their playstyle.

Best Weapons and Gadgets for Robbing Stagecoaches in RDR2

When planning a stagecoach robbery in “Red Dead Redemption 2,” choosing the right weapons gadgets can make all the difference. Here’s a list of the best tools for the job:

  1. Lancaster Repeater: Ideal for its accuracy and rate of fire, making it perfect for quickly taking down multiple targets.
  2. Volcanic Pistol: Offers high damage and accuracy, suitable for close-range encounters.
  3. Bolt Action Rifle: Excellent for long-range shots, particularly if you choose to snipe from a distance.
  4. Schofield Revolver: Known for reliability and accuracy, it’s a solid choice for quick draw situations.
  5. Tomahawk: For a stealthier approach, a tomahawk can silently eliminate guards without raising alarm.
  6. Dynamite: Useful for armored stagecoaches or creating a distraction. It can be thrown or planted and then detonated from a safe distance.
  7. Throwing Knives: Another silent option for taking out guards discreetly.
  8. Dead Eye Tonic: Enhances your Dead Eye ability, crucial for precise shots in heated moments.
  9. Health and Stamina Tonics: Keep these on hand to maintain your health and stamina during the robbery.
  10. Bandana or Mask: Essential for hiding your identity and avoiding a rise in your bounty.

These are all the Stagecoach Robberies Locations in Red Dead Redemption 2. For more help on RDR2, check out our Shop Robberies Locations Guide, Rock Carvings Locations Guide, and Graves Locations Guide.

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