Red Dead Redemption 2 Combat and General Tips

Red Dead Redemption 2 Tips

During exploration around the map, you will need to need to understand a few things you should avoid and some things you shouldn’t. This guide will include all the details and tips in RDR 2 on basically everything is it hunting, combat, and more to help you get the right start and know everything you need to before you start playing.

Red Dead Redemption Tips

Listed below are tips in Red Dead Redemption 2 on how to survive throughout the world.

General Tips

Brushing your horse using a horse brush from time to time is necessary because if your horse isn’t clean it will be unhealthy and might lose stamina. Items can be purchased easily through any general store by browsing their catalogs but if you want you can just pick the items you need from shelves to be purchased.

If you somehow lose a weapon or a hat don’t worry just go back to your horse and retrieve it from its saddle. If you acquire treasure maps follow it to the place marked to get easy money.

Travelling is made easier by fast traveling which is unlocked after upgrading the camp. Another way to travel is to go into the cinematic mode. Remember to unholster your gun while talking to someone so that you don’t accidentally aim it at them they don’t run away or become hostile towards you.

Watch the diet you make Arthur eat carefully because eating too much can make him gain weight or eating less can make him lose weight. Focus on keeping yourself clean because if you haven’t taken a shower in a few days people will stay away from you.

You need to wear clothes according to the weather in the area. If it is too warm try wearing lesser clothes. If you have a bounty on your head you can pay it off at any post office but do bear in mind that people will still remember what you did. You can put a bandana while doing a crime and take it off afterward to escape the area easier. You can grow a bear till 7/10 to grow it further you might need hair tonics.

Horse Tips

Take good care of your horses at all times. If you riding it and go through mud the horse will get dirty and you will have to clean it. If your horse dies it can’t come back so remember to have another with good bonding so you don’t start with scratch.

You can store your better horse if you are going on a difficult adventure and take a horse that won’t affect you at all if it dies. Increase your bonding with your horse by rearing, skid turns, etc. You can ride your horses through rain or lakes to clean them.

Remember to make sure your horse flees whenever you are in a dangerous situation. If you try to loot an individual’s horse’s saddlebag be careful not to be behind or you will get kicked. You might get kicked by your own horse if your bonding status isn’t that high. Patting your horse constantly can raise it’s affection for you a lot.

Combat Tips

Whenever you kill a person make sure to loot them quickly because of the loot and also because other enemies might try to loot them as well. You need to clean your guns if they are dirty or get clubbed up for them to work better.  You can use the quick shoot thing where you press R2 repeatedly for rapid-fire without proper aim. While aiming you can press the upper d-pad to fire a warning shot to attract people or threaten them etc.
Enemies might try to shoot your hat off but don’t worry you can do that too and steal their hats afterward. If an enemy is riding you can shoot the horse to make it throw the enemy down. Your honor level determines how gory or pleased your kill cams can be. If you kill enemies their bodies will be marked by a cross on the map whereas dead animals are marked by small paws on the map.

Hunting Tips

Fishing is a kind of hunting. Different kinds of fishes will be attracted to specific baits. So make sure to take the ones that attract the best ones. Remember to dispose of dead animal bodies you leave or else they will decompose and attract scavengers.  Remember whenever you are hunting use an arrow so that it can be taken out. If you use a gun that will get you a lower price in the market. If you spot a dead opossum check out whether it is dead or not as they play dead to survive.

Eagle Eye can be used efficiently to track animals’ footprints and tracks. The more you hunt down and skin animals with the help of Dead Eye the more it’s level increases. Animals like Alligators will most likely go and eat dead bodies left by you in water bodies. You can use a potion that can be bought from a general store to mask your scent.

These are all the tips you need to start on the right foot in Red Dead Redemption 2. If you require more help with the game check out our stagecoach robberies locations, shop robberies, and tailors guide.