Red Dead Online Moonshine Recipes Guide

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The latest update for Red Dead Online has you collect ingredients and brew moonshine for your newly established business. Each moonshine recipe requires very specific ingredients that must be used. To help you with all this, our Red Dead Online Moonshine Recipes Guide will detail all the moonshine recipes to use in the game.

Red Dead Online Moonshine Recipes

Before we begin, do note that some recipes require you to increase your level before they’re unlocked. Aside from this, some of the recipes are locked behind story missions – complete them to unlock the recipes.

Apple Berry Crumb Apple Blackberry Vanilla Flower
Agarita Sunrise Canned Strawberries Evergreen Huckleberry Agarita
Berry Cobbler Canned Peaches Red Raspberry Peach
Berry Mint Canned Strawberries Blackberry Mint
Evergreen Evergreen Huckleberry Wintergreen Berry Ginseng
Spice Island Canned Apricots Golden Currant Caribbean Rum
Tropical Punch Canned Pineapples Pear Vanilla Flower
Wild Cider Apple Ginseng Currant
Wild Creek Wild Mint Vanilla Flower Creek Plum

Needless to say but there ought to be more recipes. We’ll continue to update the guide with more recipes in the coming days.

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