If you are looking for a new hero to take the 7th spot in your party then Zeon is a great option to go with. Hero characters have unique classes and are more powerful than other party members. In this Xenoblade Chronicles 3 guide, we are going to go over how you can recruit Zeon as a hero.

Recruiting Zeon As A Hero In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

In order to recruit heroes, you need to recruit Valdi and finish the chapter 2 main quest called The Kind Right Hand. Once done, your party will talk about Colony 9 and the hero mission Where the heart is will start. You will need to head back to Colony 9. This is the area where you start the game. Fast travel to the closest point and then head over to it to trigger the cutscene.

You will fight against Zeon and a bunch of Keves troops. We recommend level 25 for this encounter. Target the troops first and deal with Zeon later. Once his health bar is diminished to half the battle will stop. You will then chat with him and he will invite you to Colony 9.

Head into town and then talk to him. He will ask you to help with fighting the Agnus forces in the north. Head northeast and through Everblight Plain to get to the marker. Zeon will start fighting the Agnus forces and you will be pulled into a fight. We recommend staying close to Zeon as he can protect you from harm.

Once you have dealt with the enemies you will face a boss back in Colony 9. Once the boss is defeated Zeon will be available as a hero. This is how you can recruit Zeon as a hero in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. You can also check out our guide on how you can recruit Gray. If you are getting started then check out our guide on how you can level up fast.

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