With the release of Rainbow Six Siege The Grand Larceny limited-time event we are getting a ton of gang-themed skins. It is the best time to get your hands on the skins on offer. It is a limited-time event so grab your controllers, mouse, and keyboard, and let’s get those skins before they vanish. Well, Ubisoft will probably make them available through the uPlay Store at some point, no?


The gunslinger cosmetics are bundled with the larceny collection packs, players have the chance to unlock all of the 31 items for 10 Operators of Rainbow Six Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege The Grand Larceny Skins

Skins  Operators
Flapper Chic Headgear  Amaru 
Bold Rebel Uniform  Amaru 
Golden Triumph  Amaru (ITA12S) 
Classy Delinquent Headgear  Echo 
Misdemeanor Scandal Unisoft  Echo 
Elegance Design  Echo (MP5SD) 
Madcap Headgear  Fuze 
Danger Stunt Uniform  Fuze 
Silver Spiral  Fuze (AK-12) 
Neat Misdeed Headgear  Gridlock 
Enterprise Independent Uniform  Gridlock 
Lavish Print  Gridlock (F90) 
Career Woman Headgear  Hibana 
Vehement Vice Uniform  Hibana 
Fortified Flair  Hibana (Supernova) 
Grizzly Veteran Headgear  Kaid 
Plain Style Uniform  Kaid 
Dexterity Deluxe  Kaid (TCSG12) 
Business Fedora Headgear  Maestro 
Front Leader Uniform  Maestro 
Steel Barbs  Maestro (ACS12) 
Honest Worker Headgear  Maverick 
Blue-Collar Uniform  Maverick 
Mineral Welkin  Maverick (AR-15.50) 
Newsboy Headgear  Wamai 
Striped Syndicate Uniform  Wamai 
Branching Section  Wamai (AUG A2) 
Clean Operative Headgear  Warden 
Dapper Grab Uniform  Warden 
Florid Engravement  Warden (M590A1) 

 As you can see you can get yourself new weapon skins and operator uniforms by participating in The Grand Larceny event in Rainbow Six Siege. The event started on May 5 and is going to end on May 19. If you need more information regarding the games you play, check out the Wiki.