Rainbow 6 Siege PC is a well-optimized game and despite that, players are still experiencing common errors such as Rainbow Six Siege crash, low FPS, Code 3–0x0001000b, Code 3-0x0001000B, Error 8-0x00000052, and UPlay and Steam Install Conflict to name a few. Here we have compiled a list of Rainbow Six Siege errors and issues along with their possible fixes and workarounds.

Rainbow Six Siege Errors, Crash And Fixes

While a lot of Rainbow Six fans aren’t happy with the direction the latest title has taken but it’s undoubtedly one of the best Rain Six games.

The game isn’t particularly demanding and despite that, it still facing errors and issues. The following are the errors that players are experiencing along with their fixes and workarounds.

Code 3–0x0001000b

This error can be caused due to a couple of issues. The following are the reasons for this error:

  • Files are broken or missing
  • Faulty LAN connection settings
  • The server is too far or not functioning properly
  • The game’s ports are blocked by the router

In order to fix this issue, there are a couple of things that you can do. Firstly, you should verify the integrity of the game files. Open Steam and find the game in the library. Right-click on the name of the game and click on properties. Click on the Local Files option and select the option to Verify Game Files Integrity. Once the process is completed, see if the game works now.

If this does not work then it is possible that the issue is due to a faulty LAN connection setting. In order to fix the issue what you need to do is use the automatically detect LAN settings option.

To do this, open your browser and go to the internet options from the menu. Once here, open the list of connections. Go to LAN settings and check the automatically detect settings option. Apply the settings and restart your computer. Now you can check if the game works.

If this does not work then you can make some changes to the configuration files. Open the game directory and find the folder which is labeled “7564b1ec-0856–4f93–8aef-71232c035d75”. Inside the folder, you need to find the file which is called Game Settings.

Open the file in Notepad. Here you need to find the server setting which should be set to default. You need to change this to the server that is closest to you. Once you have made the change, save the file and try to run the game once again.

If all these fixes do not work then you can try and configure a static IP address for your router.

Code 3-0x0001000B

If you are getting this error then you should try flushing your DNS or using Google DNS. If that still does not work then you can try using your smartphone as a hotspot device. If all this does not work then you should wait it out. Some people have reported that the issue goes away in a few hours or so.

Invite Friends, My Invitation Fix

Close or exit UPlay. Try starting the game on Steam. Now check the invitations option. If that does not work and you are the lobby leader then go to the Options tab and select the game option. Set the team settings to open for friends. After this everyone should be able to join through the UPlay client.

Error 8-0x00000052 Fix

To counter this error, you should simply start queuing again.

Error code 0-0x00100610 Fix

This means that the trial of the game or the free weekend has ended. So you now need to buy the game.

Error code 0-0x00000209 Fix

This means that the connection to the Ubisoft services has been lost. You should check your internet connection.

Error 000000206 Fix

There is no clear solution for this error. This is a server issue and will be fixed with time.

Error 0x0000C006 Fix

This error occurs in Rainbow Six Siege when there is a connection problem with other players. You will need to verify the connection issue.

Error 0x00000067 Fix

To solve this issue, there are a number of things that you can try doing. Update your anti-virus software, disable the applications that are running in the background. You should also check your internet connection. Most likely a poor internet connection is causing the issue here.

Rainbow Six won’t Start due to Missing DLLs

If you are getting this missing DLL error when trying to run the game then you can fix the issue by using DLL Repair Tool. This can fix such issues. You can also try downloading the missing DLL files from the internet.

Low FPS For AMD Users Fix

If you are encountering this problem then the simple solution is to turn off XFire.

Random Crash Mid-Game

If Rainbow Six Siege crashes randomly mid-game then you need to update your drivers. Make sure that your PC meets the requirements of the game.

No Audio Fix

If you are not getting any audio while playing the game then you should try to switch between speakers and headphones in the audio devices option. You can also try reinstalling the Realtek audio drivers.

RainbowSix.exe File Corruption Detected Fix

If you are getting the “RainbowSix.exe File Corruption Detected! The program will now terminate” error then what you need to do is validate your game cache in Steam. Once that is done restart the game and it should work.

UPlay and Steam Install Conflict

To fix this conflict, close steam and go to C: Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppsCommon. Rename the folder Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege” to “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege bak”. Once that is done open Steam again and go to your library. Right-click on the game and select the “Delete Local Content” option.

Now you need to go back and change the name of the folder to “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege”. Now click install in Steam and it should install the game from the existing installation rather than downloading the whole game again. Now run the game and it should work.

That is all for our Rainbow 6 Siege fixes guide for errors and issues like game crash, no audio, low FPS and more.