If you are interested in having a beehive at your home then you are going to need a Queen Bee. This is the key item that you are going to need. In this Valheim guide, we are going to go over how you can find a Queen Bee in the game.

How To Find Queen Bee In Valheim

To get a Queen Bee in the game you need to find a beehive. These can be located attached to random buildings in the open-world. They are often in ruined structures and you will hear a unique buzzing sound when you are near them.

Getting honey or the Queen Bee from the hive is a tricky matter. When you get close, the bees are going to get aggressive and attack you. When they sting you, you will get poison damage. If you have food then you can take a few hits.

You can also hit the hive from a distance using a bow. When the hive is on the ground, you will have the chance to get the Queen Bee. You can also get some honey in the process. Note that Queen Bees are not going to drop from every hive and you might have to try this method a couple of times before you are able to find one.

Once you get lucky and have a Queen Bee, you should learn how to craft a beehive. This will allow you to craft a beehive of your own at your base.

This is how you can get a Queen Bee in Valheim and craft a beehive of your own for honey. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can find and kill the sea serpent. For more information regarding the game be sure to check out our Valheim guides hub.

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