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Psychonauts 2 Questionable Area PSI Challenge Cards Locations Guide


One of the areas you can explore in the game is called Questionable Area and in this section, you can gather a handful of collectibles. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to find Psychonauts 2 PSI Challenge Card Locations.

Psychonauts 2 PSI Challenge Card Locations

There are multiple types of collectibles you can pick up in this area including PSI Challenge Cards, PSI Challenge Markers, Supply Chests and Keys, and Scavenger Hunt.

PSI Challenges Cards Locations

Location #1: Check on the top of a floating car outside the Lumberstrack Diner.

Location #2: Another card is inside the Lumberstack Diner toilet.

Location #3:  Investigate the trees near the Parking Lot.

Location #4: Head over to the Sassyclops Cave and check near a pile of bones.

Location #5: Go to the restroom area and check on top of the restroom for the next PSI Challenge Card.

Location #6: Look for an abandoned house near the Funicular that as a PSI Challenge Card.

Location #7: Look under the bridge in Fiero’s Funicular area.

Location #8: As you are moving toward the Waterfall, check the top of the tightrope and trapeze.

Location #9 and #10: Check in the middle of the Rebel Roundabout Playground. You can pick up another card from the tree nearby.

Location #11, 12, and 13: There are three cards at the Forgetful Forest. Go inside the cave near the entrance. Check behind the breakable wall, then the treetops near the entrance, and finally the top of a hollow log.

And that’s the complete list of PSI Challenge Cards you can pick up at the Questionable Area. Need more help? See Compton’s Cookoff Collectibles, How to Use Smelling Salts.

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