Gamers can spend hundreds of hours in games and like to keep track of the time spent in-game. This seems like a very basic feature that you can track on platforms such as Steam (PC), but the PS5 playtime tracker is broken, inconsistent and does not update properly. Sony needs to fix it ASAP.

PS5 Playtime Tracker Is Broken, Inconsistent, And Does Not Update Properly

It has been about 2 years since the PS5 was released, and the basic functionality of the in-game playtime being recorded correctly has not been implemented correctly. YouTuber Pyo Whitewolf recently brought this up and mentioned that he gets multiple direct messages regarding the issue. He also talked about how he has played Hogwarts Legacy for 12 hours on his PS5, but his in-game hours are shown as 0.

He also ran a poll asking his viewers whether or not they want the PS5 playtime tracker to be fixed. At the time of writing, 2,584 votes were submitted, and 74.8% people votes “Yes, they need to fix it.”. I myself think that this is a basic function that should have worked at launch.

It is obvious that gamers like to see the amount of hours that they have invested in games from the comment section below:

Interestingly, this is not a new issue. User Pepeisgod mentioned this back in Aug 2022 and reported the following:

Since February I will open a game and play for let’s say 2 hours. I will close the game after 2 hours but my profile will say I last played the game 2 hours ago, and the total playtime counter will not update/increase.

The issue can even be dated back to September 2021, as reported by Reddit user InformedIndividual69:

So I’ve learned over the last week or so that my system no longer accurately tracks my playtime. I played Tales of Arise for 5 hours yesterday, but it’s only showing 1. It’s also only got 11 hours logged for Spider-Man Remastered but I played it and all 3 DLCs, well over 11 hours.

This issue has been around for a very long time, and Sony needs to come forward, acknowledge the issue and fix it. This basic feature should be implemented correctly, and I am sure it is an easy fix. Let us know what you think about the PS5 playtime tracker being broken and if you want Sony to fix it.

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