Sony To Delay PS5 By Up To A Year Due To Overheating Issues

PS5 Delay

While Mark Cerny did mention a lot of technical stuff about the upcoming PS5, we have not seen what the console looks like and it seems that there is a pretty good reason why that is the case. Reports claim that the PS5 has an overheating problem which could result in a delay of 6-12 months.

Exec editor of Windows Central Daniel Rubino, got a tip that claimed that Sony underestimated the Xbox Series X and has screwed up this generation. The tip mentioned that the PS5 has heating issues and that is why we have not seen the console until now and have not seen the games that are being developed for the PS5.

The tip mentions that Sony is really worried about the PS5 right now and it could release on time in order to take on the Xbox Series X or it could be delayed up to a year if the thermal issues are not solved quickly. You can check out the tip below:

PS5 delay

We are not sure whether there is any truth to this, so do take this information with a grain of salt. We do know that the PS5 is going to have a variable boost clock speed. That could be because of the heating issues. An 8 core CPU with high boost can produce a lot of heat and so is a super-fast Nvme drive.

On the other hand, Mark Cerny has mentioned that the CPU and GPU will run at max clock speeds in most games. So the engineers seem to be confident but the marketing seems a bit off.

This could be a major marketing strategy in which Sony is not showing off the PS5 on purpose and the console is not going to be delayed at all. I guess only time will tell.

Let us know what you think about this tip and whether or not you think Sony will delay the PS5.

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