PS4 Parental Controls and Family Management system allows you to set up both system and user level controls. In this article, we will discuss how to set up parental controls on PS4 and PS4 Pro, and why they are absolutely necessary right now.


PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro are fun for the whole family. But not all of their features and content is appropriate for all age groups. Thanks to Parental Controls on PS4 and PS4 Pro systems, you can limit play time, spending, and what games can be accessed by age group.

How to Set Up PS4 Parental Controls and Why You Absolutely Should

If you have kids around the house it is best to set up parental controls. You don’t want kids getting their hands on R-Rated movies, adult content, and Mature-rated games. But these days, thanks to microtransactions and loot boxes, you must set up spending limits for your kids as well. You or your kids can end up spending hundreds without even realizing it. Overspending on in-game purchases has become a serious problem these days.

Step Up #1 – Access Parent Control Manu

Go to the PS4 Home screen and enter the settings menu. Here you will see Parental Controls listed in the menu. Enter the Parental Control Menu and you will be presented with two options

1: Restrict Use of PS4 Features
2: Sub Account Management

With the first option, you can restrict content for all users on your console. The second allows you to manage content on sub accounts. Sub Account management allows you to create a new sub-account or manage existing accounts.

Step #2 – How to Create a Sub Account on PS4

Select “Create a Sub Account” from the Sub Accounts Management option. Accept terms and conditions and move forward. When creating a child account PlayStation will prompt you to allow charge.

Next, you will add the date of birth and language for the sub-account.

Add a new email address for your child’s sub-account. Sub-accounts require a new email address. They cannot be linked to your existing email ID. Create a new email address if you don’t have one.

Add the new email address and create a new password. Next, you will be asked for your location and postal code.

Step #3 – Content Blocking and Spending Restrictions

You now need to decide what content your sub-account can and can’t access. You can block chat, user-generated media, add content restrictions, and add a spending limit. We personally recommend that you do not save your credit card information on any digital network, especially where the risk of accidental spending exists. If you need to purchase something for you or your child, it takes only a couple of minutes to add your information for a one time purchase. But if you prefer the convenience of having your credit card information ready to go, you can add a spending limit.

Step #4 – Features and Apps Restrictions

Return to the Parental Controls screens in the settings menu and this time, select “Restrict Use of PS4 Features.” You can control access to applications, Blu-ray disc, DVD, Internet Browser, and Log-in settings from this screen.

Like mentioned above, this option restricts features for all accounts. To access these features yourself you’ll need a passcode which is “0000” by default.” You can change it from the “Restrict Use of PS4 Features” screen. You will find the “Change Passcode” tab at the bottom.

How PS4 Parental Controls Levels Work?

Something that can confuse a novice is the Parental Controls levels on PS4. In the applications tab of “Restrict Use of PS4 Features,” you’ll see levels up to 11.

The higher level doesn’t mean higher levels of blocking. It’s actually the other way around. Level 2 allows EC-Rated games, level 3 allows E rated (Everyone) games, Level 4 allows E10+ which is “Everyone age 10 and up.” Level 5 allows Teen rated games while level 9 lets you play Mature games.

The system is set to level 9 by default.

You can set age ratings for Blu-Ray discs so your kids don’t access R-rated and horror films. You can adjust the age rating from 1 to 11.

The next section is DVD and the process is similar here. Adjust age rating from 1 to 8. But the system works in a similar manner to PS4 Games. Lower levels offer higher restrictions.

You can disable access to internet browser as well.

You can decide if you want others to access your kids’ account. It is best to set up accounts of each child. It must be noted that sub-accounts are forever tied to the parent account. They cannot be transferred away from the master account. If you have a teenager, it is best to let him/her have a full account that can travel with them.

How to Set Up Play Time Restrictions on PS4 and PS4 Pro?

In this day and age, we have so much on our plate that it is next to impossible to properly oversee the play time of our kids. But PS4 Parental Controls make it easier for you to manage your child’s playtime.

Step #1 – Access the Parental Controls/Family Management

On your PS4 system go to settings and access the parental controls option. This option is available at the end of the sub/family account creation. But if you have already created an account you can manage it via the Parental Controls menu.

Open the account via the Parental Controls/Family Management page and look for Play Time Controls.

Step #2 – Restrict Play Time

Select Do Not Restrict and a new menu will open. Select Restrict from there. Under the “Duration and Playable Hours” section choose what time of day your kids can play and for how long. You can sign up here to see your child’s playtime activity.