Nioh 2 is a pretty difficult game to play, so what every player needs, is some extra edge where stats are concerned in the game. The Prestige Points will provide you with just that. Here we will give you all the info you need to have on the Prestige Points and how they will help you in Nioh 2.

How to Obtain Prestige Points In Nioh 2

Firstly, the Prestige Points have two categories which are Agyo and Ungyo. Each of these has separate requirements that need to be fulfilled to gain their corresponding points. But both of these categories will need you to obtain Titles which will increase your Reputation. Obtaining Titles will fill your Reputation meter. Once full, you will get the Title of Agyo or Ungyo.

Prestige Points Nioh 2

For example, if you obtain ten Soul Cores from your enemies then you will receive the Title of Agyo. While using a bow to kill ten opponents will get you the Title of Ungyo. Also, all the precise details about gaining the Titles can be found under the section in the game menu by the same name. But they will only be revealed to you once you have completed several missions.

Keep in mind though that the details will be hidden until the action is performed at least once. So try to play in several different ways for more Title requirements to appear.

Why Are Prestige Points Important?

The Agyo and Ungyo Prestige Points enable several passive buffs to aid your gameplay throughout the game. These buffs can range from an increase of your Ki regeneration to making your restorative Elixir provide you with more Health.

The function of Prestige Points is very similar to the Badass and Guardian Tokens in Borderlands 2 and 3. Once the points are obtained, you can use them to choose a slight stat increase from one of the two lists. The buff that you select from the lists will be replaced by another one so you are unable to pick the same one twice.

These are all the details that you need to have on the Prestige Points in Nioh 2. We hope this guide will help you enjoy your gaming session even more!

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