Playing as the Predator is the most fun you can have in Predator Hunting Grounds. But if you’re not equipped with the best weapons, perks, and gear in Predator Hunting Grounds, the fireteam can take you down quite easily. In our Predator Hunting Grounds weapons and gear guide, we will discuss how you unlock the best weapons, best perks, and gear.

Predator Hunting Grounds Weapons, Perks, and Gear Unlock

There are a ton of weapons and gear for our friendly forest Predator in Hunting Grounds. Each weapon is unlocked at a certain level in the game so performing at your best is the only way to get XP and earn your way to the best weapons and gear.

Predator Weapons

Weapon How to Unlock
Elder Sword Unlocks at Level 9
Net Gun Unlocks at Level 15
Hand-Held Plasma Cutter Unlocks at Level 23
Smart Disc Unlocks at Level 27
War Club Unlocks at Level 31
Yautja Bow Unlocks at Level 38
Combistick Unlocks at Level 42

Predator Gear

In addition to weapons, there are a ton of gear available to the Predator as well in Hunting Grounds. There are items that heal and stop bleeding while others are used to detect enemy movement or trap them in a bear trap.

Gear  How to Unlock  Effect 
Healing Kit  Default  Stops bleeding and heal HP 
Audio Decoy  Unlocks at Level 17  Create fake sounds to confuse and distract enemies 
Bear Trap  Unlocks at Level 34  Proximity trap to capture enemies 
Motion Detector  Unlocks at Level 44  Used to detect enemy movement in the area 

Predator Perks

There are a plethora of perks for the Predator in Hunting Grounds. Each has its own effect and a certain cost is associated with its unlock process.

Perks  Cost  How to Unlock  Use 
Dithered Lens  3  Reach Level 6  Reduce Plasma Cutter laser visibility 
Fearless  4  Reach Level 12  Increases melee damage 
Cooling Syncs  4  Reach Level 16  Energy Overloads cooldown reduction 
Long Jump  4  Reach Level 21  Bigger leap 
Down Range  3  Reach Level 26  Increases ranged weapon damage 
Height Advantage  1  Reach Level 29  Take less damage while in trees 
Impatient  2  Reach Level 33  Faster recharge for Second Wind Ability 
Hanging On  2  Reach Level 41  Increases Second Wind Ability duration 
Observant  4  Reach Level 49  See footprints in the mud 
Adrenal Boost  3  Reach Level 54  Faster stamina and exhaustion recovery 
Protection  3  Reach Level 58  Less damage from Bio Mask 
Trapper  3  Reach Level 62  Tougher traps and Fireteams take longer to escape 
Ascender  1  Reach Level 68  IncreasesPredkourmounting speed 
Heated  2  Reach Level 71  Less energy consumed by Vision Mode 
Fast Hands  1  Reach Level 77  Faster weapon swaps 
Special Awareness  3  DefaultPerk  Size of sounds indicators increased 
Branch Master  1  Default Perk  Faster movement when in trees 
Resourceful  2  Default Perk  Get additional XP from source grants 
Clotted  1  Default Perk  Increased Blood Trail intervals 
Energy Cell  3  Default Perk  Store more energy cells 
Modified Reserve  2  Default Perk  Faster energy regeneration 
Medic  3  Default Perk  Boost med kit healing speed 
Impenetrable  3  Default Perk  Take less damage from certain weapons 
Large Pouch  2  Default Perk  Store more items and gear 
Light Bender  2  Default Perk  Less Cloak energy consumption 

 Using these weapons and gear you will have an edge over the fireteam as they make it easier for you to be the Predator.  This marks the end of our Predator Hunting Grounds Predator Weapons and Gear Guide. If you need more help with the game check out the Predator Hunting Grounds Wiki.


  1. Can you guys make the handheld plasma caster look more like a shotgun and those more damage cause it is kind of weak ok thanks.

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