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How To Get Bulbasaur In Pokemon Yellow Easily


Getting a Bulbasaur in Pokemon Yellow adds a nostalgic twist to your team. However, unlike finding Pokemon in the wild, finding Bulbasaur requires a unique approach, blending the game’s mechanics with a nod to the beloved anime.

How To Find And Get Bulbasaur In Pokemon Yellow

Getting Bulbasaur hinges on Pikachu’s happiness level—a concept that underscores the bond between trainer and Pokemon. Ensure Pikachu avoids fainting and regularly treat it with potions, even when its health is full. This simple gesture significantly boosts Pikachu’s happiness, paving the way to getting Bulbasaur.

With Pikachu in high spirits, your next destination is Cerulean City, a crucial hub in your quest. Upon arrival, locate the house immediately to the left of the Pokémon Center. Inside, you’ll find a character named Milena, the caretaker of Bulbasaur.

She’s on the lookout for a trainer whose Pikachu exudes happiness.

Speak with Milena, and if Pikachu’s happiness meets her criteria, she’ll entrust you with Bulbasaur. This level 10 Pokémon, equipped with moves like Tackle, Growl, and Leech Seed, becomes an invaluable asset to your team.

Unlike wild Pokémon captures, Bulbasaur is gifted without the need for battle or exchange.

Easiest Way To Increase Pikachu’s Happiness To Get Bulbasaur

The simplest and best method to elevate Pikachu’s happiness is through spamming Potions when the health is full. This approach doesn’t require Pikachu to be in dire need of healing. Even when Pikachu’s HP is at its peak, using Potions has a positive impact on its happiness level.

  • Step 1: Stand near Pikachu and interact with him.
  • Step 2: Spam potions at Pikachu until a heart appears on its head (usually takes 10 to 15 potions to increase its happiness levels).

If you have enough potions, don’t wait and head straight to Milena. You can spam potions inside her shop if you want to, making it easier to get Bulbasaur.

Additionally, interacting with Pikachu regularly by turning around and checking on it can also positively affect its mood. Additionally, smart battle strategies that prevent Pikachu from fainting play a crucial role. Each battle that Pikachu survives without fainting further contributes to its happiness. This method not only strengthens your bond but also prepares you for the challenges ahead, including the acquisition of Bulbasaur.

One crucial aspect to remember is to avoid letting Pikachu faint during battles. Fainting is a significant setback to Pikachu’s happiness, erasing much of the progress made through potions and victories.

Strategically choosing battles and using items to ensure Pikachu remains conscious throughout.

How To Check Pikachu’s Happiness

To gauge if you’re on the right track, observe Pikachu’s reactions when you interact with it. A joyful jump and a happy expression indicate that you’re moving in the right direction. Once you’ve reached this level of happiness, heading to Cerulean City to meet Milena and claim your Bulbasaur.

Detour: How To Get Charmander And Squirtle

After successfully adding Bulbasaur to your team in Pokémon Yellow, completing the set with Charmander and Squirtle is the next step in reliving the full classic Pokémon starter experience.

Unlike traditional methods of capturing Pokémon in the wild, obtaining these two beloved starters involves unique interactions and completing specific game milestones.

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