Pokemon Sword And Shield Articuno Guide: How To Catch, Location, Stats

Pokemon Sword Shield Articuno

The three legendary birds, Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres have been added to the game with the new Crown Tundra DLC. All of the legendary birds have been reimagined and not only do they look cool but some changes to their natures have also been made. In this Pokemon Sword Shield guide, we are going to go over where you can find Articuno and how you can catch the Pokemon.

We are also going to go over the stats and abilities of the Pokemon and recommend some counters that you can use to weaken Articuno.

How To Catch Galarian Articuno In Pokemon Sword And Shield

You can find Articuno in the Snowslide Slope. You will need to roam around in order to find the Pokemon. You will be able to spot it from a distance. When you spot Articuno, it is going to create two copies of itself in order to try and confuse you.

If you hit the actual Pokemon then you will trigger the battle and you will have the chance of weakening and capturing Articuno. Using higher-tier PokeBalls will give you a better chance of capturing Articuno.


The following are the base stats of Articuno:

Health 90
Attack 85
Defense 85
Special Attack 125
Special Defense 100
Speed 95

Abilities, Strengths, Weaknesses

Articuno has the following abilities in the game:

Competitive Increases its special attack every time a stat is lowered.

Articuno is a Flying and Psychic-type Pokemon so it is strong against Grass, Ground, Fighting and Psychic-type Pokemon. It is weak against Ghost, Dark, Rock and Electric-type Pokemon. Some counters that we recommend are Lapras, Vanilluxe, Tyranitar and Hydreigon.

This is what you need to know about catching Articuno, one of the legendary birds in Pokemon Sword and Shield. If you are interested in getting the others are well then you can check out our guides on how you can catch Moltres and Zapdos. For more content related to the game, you can check out our Pokemon Sword and Shield guides hub.

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