Pokemon Sword and Shield Turffield Riddle Puzzle Guide: How To Solve

Pokemon Sword and Shield Turffield Riddle Puzzle

The Turffield riddle puzzle in Pokemon Sword and Shield is a unique and hard puzzle in the game that can be acquired in Turrfield. After beating the Gym Master and getting the Gym badge in Turrfield go to the girl near a pillar who looks confused. She is trying to solve the puzzle but obviously can’t because it isn’t an ordinary puzzle and hasn’t been solved in the family for generations. So she asks for your help to solve the puzzle. This guide will include all the details on how to solve the puzzle.

Pokemon Sword and Shield – Turrfield Riddle Puzzle

When you talk to the girl about the puzzle and accept to do it she will give you a clue to help find things to complete the puzzle. After hearing the clue you might not understand what she just said. Just in case you forget this is what the clue is:

“Seek yourself three standing stones, with Grass before the other ones. Use well that Strength, and find then the strength of its strength in the end. Dally not, if you’ve a mind to find what time has left behind”.

From the clue, you should easily understand that the clue is hinting you to find three stones in the town to complete the puzzle. Still, don’t understand how a whole family’s generation couldn’t solve this. Anyways the locations for the three stones are mentioned below:

1. Grass Stone

The clue indicates finding the stones and by saying “with Grass before the other ones” it indicates on finding the grass stone first. The stone is located west of the flower shop located in the town. After going left you will come upon the Grass stone interact with it and bring it back.

2. Water Stone

For the water stone, you must go down the slope which is near the puzzle girl. After heading down go right and keep going until you come across an old man. The stone will next to him so interact with it and head for the next stone.

3. Fire Stone

The fire stone can be found to the east of Turrfield. The fire stone is next to the river there. Simply look around the river bank for the fire stone and interact with it.

Now that you have acquired all the stones the rest is easy peasy. The girl will be released in a way and for getting the stones the game will reward you with an Expert Belt which sort of enhances some kind of moves.

That is all for our Pokemon Sword and Shield Turffield Riddle Puzzle guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then be sure to check out our guide on Eevee evolutions. You can also learn about how you can turn the autosave feature off and on.