Pokemon Sword And Shield Terrakion Guide: How To Catch, Locations, Stats

Pokemon Sword Shield Terrakion

Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra DLC is out now and it adds plenty of new Pokemon for you to catch. In this Pokemon Sword and Shield guide, we are going to go over how you can catch Terrakion and where you can find the Pokemon.

How To Catch Terrakion In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Before the DLC was released, you could only get Terrakion in Pokemon Sword and Shield by transferring the Pokemon from Ultra Sun and Moon via Pokemon Home but now you can catch it.

You can find Terrakion in the Lakeside Cave region of Crown Tundra. The catch is that you cannot head over to the location from the get-go. First, you need to talk to Sonia who will appear once you have discovered a small set of footprints outside of Freezington.

After you find Sonia, you will be directed to the footprints of three different Pokemon. One of them is going to be Terrakion. The others are Cobalion and Virizion. You will need to explore Crown Tundra and find clues to learn where these Pokemon are. Once you have done that, you can come back to Sonia.

You will need to visit three locations in order to collect the evidence that you need. These locations are Lakeside Cave, Ballimere Lake and Dyna Tree Hill. Terrakion is going to be in the Lakeside Cave Region of Crown Tundra. Battle and catch the Pokemon.


The Pokemon has the following stats that you should know about:

Health 91
Attack 129
Defense 90
Special Attack 72
Special Defense 90
Speed 108


Abilities, Strengths And Weaknesses

The following are the abilities of the Pokemon that you need to know about:

Justified When the Pokemon is attacked by a Dark-type move then its attack increases.

Terrakion is a Fighting and Rock-type Pokemon so it is strong against Normal, Poison, Fire, Rock, Bug and Dark-type Pokemon. On the other hand, it is weak against Flying, Psychic, Fairy, Fighting, Ground, Steel, and Water-type Pokemon. Counters for the Pokemon include Lapras, Gyarados, Togekiss and Rhyperior.

This is how you can catch Terrakion in Pokemon Sword and Shield. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our Pokemon Sword and Shield guides hub.

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