Skwovet is a common Pokémon in the game. It has average stats and healing abilities. But once you evolve it into its next form it’s stats increase drastically. In this guide, we will include all the details about Skwovet locations, abilities, stats and much more in Pokémon Sword and Shield.


Pokémon Sword and Shield Skwovet

Skwovet is a Normal Type Pokémon that can be found in a lot of locations. One way to find it is to go to the Pokémon Centre in Motostoke and talk to a girl there. She can trade you Skwovet for Bunnelby if you want. The other locations are the following:


Skwovet can be found in Route 2 in any weather. There is a 38% chance that it will spawn during Level 5-7.

It can also be found in Slumbering Weald in any weather. There is a 40% chance that it will spawn during Level 2-3.


Pokemon           Location      Weather Spawn Chances
Skwovet Rolling Fields Shaking Trees (Lv. 7-10) 80%
Skwovet Dappled Grove Shaking Trees (Lv. 11-15) 70%
Skwovet Watchtower Ruins Shaking Trees (Lv. 11-14) 50%
Skwovet North Lake Miloch Shaking Trees (Lv. 14-16) 50%
Skwovet Route 3 Shaking Trees (Lv. 8-13) 80%
Skwovet Motostoke Riverbank Shaking Trees (Lv. 26-28) 35%
Skwovet Route 4 Shaking Trees (Lv. 13-15) 100%
Skwovet Slumbering Weald All Weather (Lv. 2-3) 50%
Skwovet Route 5 Shaking Trees (Lv. 16-18) 100%
Greedent Axew’s Eye Shaking Trees (Lv. 35-40) 75%
Greedent Giant’s Seat Shaking Trees (Lv. 30-35) 70%
Greedent Motostoke Riverbank Shaking Trees (Lv. 26-28) 50%
Greedent Bridge Field Shaking Trees (Lv. 26-28) 75%
Greedent Route 6 Shaking Trees (Lv. 28-30) 100%
Greedent Route 7 Shaking Trees (Lv. 36-40) 100%
Greedent Route 9 (in Circhester Bay) Shaking Trees (Lv. 39-43) 100%
Greedent Route 9 (in Outer Spikemuth) Shaking Trees (Lv. 40-44) 100%
Greedent Giant’s Mirror Shaking Trees (Lv. 26-28) 75%
Greedent Hammerlocke Hills Shaking Trees (Lv. 28-30) 75%
Greedent Giant’s Cap Shaking Trees (Lv. 26-28) 75%
Greedent Lake of Outrage Shaking Trees (Lv. 50-52) 95%

Stats and Abilities

Skwovet has 70 HP, 55 Attack and 35 Special Attack. It has 55 Defense, 35 Special Defense and Speed is 25. Yes the stats are not that good but wait till you see the stats of it’s evolved form. Skwovet has two abilities one is Cheek Pouch and the other is Gluttony. Both enable it to gain HP when it’s a berry. Skwovet is strong against Ghost Type Pokémons. Whereas its weakness lies against Fighting Type Pokémons.

Once your Skwovet reaches Level 24 it will evolve into Greedent. Greedent has 120 HP, 95 Attack and 75 Special Attack. It has 95 Defense, 75 Special Defense and Speed is 20. As I said before the evolved form’s stats are really good.

That is all for our Pokémon Sword and Shield Skwovet guide. For more help on the game, check out our Toxtricity GuideJellicent Guide, and Mareanie Guide.