Pokemon Sword And Shield Items Guide: All New Items

Pokemon Sword and Shield items

Pokemon Sword and Shield are out now and the new game has a couple of new items that you should know about. In this Pokemon Sword and Shield items guide, we are going to go over all the new items and what they do.

New Items In Pokemon Sword And Shield

The following are all the new items in the game that you should know about:

Item Use
Throat Spray This item raises the special attack when a Pokemon uses a sound-based move.
Heavy Duty Boots Prevent the effects of traps that are set on the battlefield.
Blunder Policy Raises Speed when a Pokemon misses a move due to accuracy.
Room Service Lowers speed with Trick Room takes effect.
Charcoal Switches Pokemon out of battle when its stats are lowered.
Sturdy Umbrella Protects the holder from the effects of the weather.
Exp Candy Exp Candy grants Pokemon experience.
Exp Candy XL Give 30,000 experience to Pokemon.
Modest Mint When this item is used the special attack of a Pokemon grows faster but the attack grows slowly.
Dynamx Crystals Special crystals that allow you to capture event-specific Pokemon.
Rusty Sword Changes the form of Zachian’s form from regular to the poster form. It also adds Steel-type and stats.
Rusty Shield Changes Zamazinta’s form from regular to the one seen on the posters. Also adds steel-type and stats.
Wishing Piece Throw this into a Dynamax den to trigger a Dynamax battle. 
Cracked Orchid Teapot
Dynamax Candy Raises Dynamax level of a Pokemon by 1
TRs TRs are single-use TMs
Terrain Extender Extends the duration of the terrain caused by the move or ability of the Pokemon that holds it.
Protective Pads This item can be held by a Pokemon. The holder is protected from the effects caused by making direct contact with the target.

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